Snap o' the Day

Raising the roofs
Published on Jan 8th, 2012
1 comments Workers position a truss for a string of townhouses at Pavilions at Pantops, a growing community that launched with a bang– literally, as blasting caused some minor damage at adjacent Fontana...
Concrete move: Market Annex work begins on Main St.
Published on Jan 5th, 2012
1 comments Workers ready the former site of C&R Auto, whose painted signs used to grace 513 West Main Street with promises of "specializing in automatic transmissions," for an expansion of the purple-hued...
On top of the pyre
Published on Dec 17th, 2011
0 comments Six boys celebrate on top of a burning brush pile at an undisclosed location in Western Albemarle.
Trader's dirt
Published on Dec 15th, 2011
1 comments You have to scrape a few trees to build something, and nowhere is that more evident than at Stonefield, the 65-acre mixed-used development at the corner of Hydraulic Road and U.S. 29. On the morning...
Autumn light rocks
Published on Dec 14th, 2011
2 comments A Hook photographer was out (along with other light-savvy photographers) on the afternoon of Wednesday, November 23, the day before Thanksgiving, when the afternoon light suffused the buildings and...
Saturday sadness
Published on Dec 11th, 2011
0 comments Diners at the Tavern on the morning of December 10 check out the breakfast fare. The Tavern plans to close on December 24.
Sing in the holidays!
Published on Dec 3rd, 2011
3 comments Choir Director Eric Betthauser directs some Henley Middle School singers at the City Market on Saturday, December 3. As they sang, the Holiday Heritage Parade was rolling along the nearby Downtown...
The last campfire
Published on Nov 30th, 2011
0 comments The final campfire at the Occupy Charlottesville encampment at Lee Park provides a warm focal point as Charlottesville police stand ready to make sure campers move on with the exodus forced by the...
Snap: The new Martha Jefferson
Published on Nov 27th, 2011
3 comments The new 84-acre campus of Martha Jefferson Hospital gleams in the morning light of a recent autumn day, as captured by pilot-photographer Skip Degan. A year after a major merger, the venerable...
Dateline vists the Hook office
Published on Nov 17th, 2011
3 comments A film crew for Dateline NBC films Hook reporter Courteney Stuart today for an upcoming story on the Abshire murder case.
Fall afternoon on the Lawn
Published on Nov 14th, 2011
5 comments Although this picture was taken two weeks ago, it depicts the warmth that has returned to the hallowed University of Virginia Lawn. Lawnies can use some warmth since they suddenly lost their...
Silent sentry
Published on Nov 12th, 2011
4 comments This woman stood at the front of Lee Park along Market Friday morning, presumably part of the Occupy Charlottesville movement with her hands tied around a wooden beam. With her mouth covered in duct...
So it was Stone on the grassy knoll?
Published on Nov 5th, 2011
9 comments Award-winning filmmaker Oliver Stone spoke on Friday, November 4, day two of the Virginia Film Festival. His talk followed a screening of his lengthy JFK, a film that purports to show flaws in the...
Fired up: Snow falls on Wintergreen, sticks at Snowshoe
Published on Oct 31st, 2011
1 comments It may be hard to see in this photograph shot from downtown Charlottesville on Halloween afternoon; but even two days after a rare October snowfall, the slopes of Wintergreen Resort still gleam. The...
Snap: Goat Busters and their defenders
Published on Oct 27th, 2011
6 comments A bunch of goats employed by Goat Busters (for meal tickets and not paychecks) practice their eco-friendly land-clearing craft in a Western Albemarle neighborhood on a recent Saturday afternoon. (The...
Snap: Sidewalk serenade
Published on Oct 21st, 2011
2 comments A portion of the Cavalier Marching Band gives some impromptu entertainment to the tailgaters prior to the UVA football team's game last Saturday against Georgia Tech. There, at Scott Stadium the...
Consecrated land
Published on Oct 5th, 2011
1 comments First United Methodist Church on Jefferson Street could call a higher power to handle parking lot poachers, but the Lord provideth a bounty of tow trucks, so that's not really necessary. The church...
Lady Justice outside the bank
Published on Sep 28th, 2011
6 comments Lady J declined to answer questions about how she balances the scales of justice and herself on top of that bucket on the Downtown Mall September 16.
CPC offers umbrella idea
Published on Sep 24th, 2011
2 comments Charlottesville Parking Center, the company that runs three downtown parking facilities, has found a novel way to help rain-inconvenienced pedestrians while boosting its own image: an umbrella-...
Hoop-rolling at Monticello
Published on Sep 18th, 2011
2 comments Monticello's famous West Lawn harked back to the earlier days depicted in a famous watercolor as youths tried "hoop rolling," a venerable pastime, during the annual Harvest Festival. The grey skies...