Snap o' the Day

Jefferson Street at 8:29am
Published on Oct 18th, 2012
0 comments This is how the street in front of the Albemarle County Courthouse looked at 8:29 this morning, as a reporter waited for the clerk's office to open (to examine a high-profile arrest record).
The mural progresses
Published on Oct 16th, 2012
4 comments We photographed artist Ross McDermott last week starting on the new mural on the side of One Meatball Place on West Main. Here's how it looks October 16. Post-publication clarification: While...
Getting out the unregistered vote
Published on Oct 15th, 2012
1 comments Margie Shepherd stands ready to register the at Toddsbury of Ivy shop during the morning commute October 15, the last day to register to vote in the November 6 election.
Let the mural-making begin
Published on Oct 11th, 2012
1 comments After finally getting approval from the Board of Architectural Review, which rejected his first boldly-colored design, Ross McDermott, director of the Charlottesville Mural Project, starts painting...
Tony Horwitz and John Brown
Published on Sep 21st, 2012
0 comments Confederates in the Attic author Tony Horwitz was in town September 20 discussing his latest book, Midnight Rising: John Brown and the Raid that Sparked the Civil War. Among those involved in...
Street theater
Published on Sep 17th, 2012
0 comments Act I of The Madwoman of Chaillot is underway Friday evening, September 14, with the Bank of America as a backdrop. The show continues Thursdays-Saturdays at 6pm through September, with a September...
Crozet Library arises
Published on Sep 5th, 2012
0 comments The long-awaited Crozet Library broke ground in July and part of the $5.77 million structure has now emerged. It's being built by M.B. Contractors out of Roanoke.
Queue longer than Downtown Mall for Obama
Published on Aug 29th, 2012
55 comments   Related: Obama time: Prez gives Perriello re-election push Crowds gathered, and materials were moved into place for the Wednesday, August 29 arrival of the American president, Barack Obama,...
Sunday night rites
Published on Aug 27th, 2012
2 comments Some people think that they can park for free on Sundays; others simply overstay their welcome. More towing stories: • Towing tales: Like hassles, everybody has one • Tough business: Collier's boss...
Confederate canon... ready for inaction
Published on Aug 26th, 2012
6 comments One of the pair of Confederate cannons on the grounds of Albemarle County courts complex aims out at passersby on a recent August day.
Scranton's finest comes to Court Square
Published on Aug 18th, 2012
0 comments Our eyes bugged out last Thursday while strolling through Court Square when we spied this empty box of Dunder Mifflin paper in a Charlottesville recycling bin. It turns out that mega-store Staples...
Sullivan: 'It seemed fine to me'
Published on Aug 14th, 2012
106 comments The tone was cordial, and the information flowed, the president said, "like drinking water from a firehose" on Tuesday, August 14 as University of Virginia President Teresa Sullivan and the woman who...
Help... save the next girl
Published on Aug 14th, 2012
1 comments A volunteer with Help Save the Next Girl, an organization set up in the wake of the 2009 Charlottesville murder of Virginia Tech student Morgan Harrington, speaks with a television reporter outside...
High over Darden
Published on Aug 8th, 2012
0 comments The Lawn-like aspect of the Darden School campus comes into focus from above.
Earthquake damage?
Published on Aug 7th, 2012
0 comments Since spring, the brick exterior at the Albemarle County Office Building has been shrouded and getting repairs due to bowing of some walls. While some in the the County allege that the structure,...
Conduct this
Published on Aug 1st, 2012
2 comments A conductor stands ready for any last-minute passengers as Amtrak's Lynchburg-based Northeast Regional prepares for an on-time 8:52am Tuesday departure from Union Station in Charlottesville. The...
Pit bull bites Mercedes
Published on Jul 29th, 2012
4 comments According to the yellow sticker pasted to the driver's window of this Mercedes sport utility vehicle parked Related: Aug 2010: Boot'vil: UVA clamps down on scofflaw parkers on University Way (...
Burning up the derecho limbs
Published on Jul 27th, 2012
0 comments From the comfort of a hammock, a jack russell terrier watches a bonfire consisting of limbs and trunks from derecho-damaged trees in a Western Albemarle backyard.
Another stuck truck at the 14th Street bridge
Published on Jul 25th, 2012
4 comments The taller-than-10-feet truck wedged under the 14th Street bridge is a perennial mishap. This one occurred shortly before 9am July 18.
Starlight takes a pit stop
Published on Jul 11th, 2012
0 comments The Starlight Express, Charlottesville's only non-stop overland connection to New York, takes a quick food break at the Delaware Welcome Center Travel Plaza on Related Ix to NYC: Starlight finds its...