Snap o' the Day

Snap o' the day: Uncle Charlie's R.I.P.
Published on Feb 23rd, 2009
7 comments Crozet's only music venue shut its door February 22 on the corner location whose longest-running business in our memory was a drugstore. Next to try that spot: Mudhouse has a lease, according to an...
Snap o' the Day: Senff Gates
Published on Feb 22nd, 2009
2 comments Borrowing its words from Proverbs 24:3 and 24:4, this inscription in the left Senff Gate along University Avenue (designed by Lincoln Memorial architect Henry Bacon and photographed in October) notes...
Snap o' the Day: Rio trees felled for parkway
Published on Feb 21st, 2009
0 comments Drivers along busy Rio Road got an eyeful Friday, February 20, as at least half a dozen mature trees were felled to make way for the connection to Albemarle County's 1.4-mile segment of the planned...
Snap o' the Day: brick dust
Published on Feb 20th, 2009
1 comments Red ochre-colored dust wafts into the air from brick-cutting operations Tuesday, February 17 as part of the $7.5 million renovation of the pedestrian promenade. The City has begun selling the old...
Snap o' the Day: Jason in town
Published on Feb 19th, 2009
1 comments Jason of Friday the 13th fame–- a character bolstered by the remake issued last Friday (the 13th)–- made an appearance in Charlottesville last October during the intentionally short-...
Snap o' the Day: Walk this way
Published on Feb 18th, 2009
0 comments Walking is "cool" says a banner on the Downtown Mall. Who knew? With all the construction going on, it has also become a challenge. The banner is one of several put up recently as part of a $100,000...
Snap o' the Day: Red (Robin)
Published on Feb 18th, 2009
3 comments This is Red, the mascot of Red Robin, the "gourmet burger" chain with an outpost at Charlottesville Fashion Square mall, as he (or she?) silently but effusively greeted a reporter's table Tuesday...
Snap o' the Day: 'Chairity' at Bodo's
Published on Feb 17th, 2009
1 comments The Preston Avenue Bodo's has replaced all its chairs, so the bagel bakery is selling the old ones (shown here) for $20 each, with the proceeds going to charity. According to manager Mike Overend,...
Snap o' the Day: Stairway to... somewhere?
Published on Feb 16th, 2009
17 comments Someday, this view of the Southwest Mountains, shot February 15, will encompass more than just a Target store, the Sakura/Vinny's patio area, and a stairway to nowhere. As the high ground of...
Snap o' the Day: Is spring here?
Published on Feb 13th, 2009
6 comments Okay, this has become the Hook's bellwether for the weather: the flowering of the winter jasmine along University Avenue. Its blooms were visible, as shown here, Thursday morning, February 12. Last...
Snap o' the Day: Laying brick
Published on Feb 9th, 2009
1 comments Workers lay new Mall bricks on a smooth bed of sand.
Snap o' the day: Look out below!
Published on Jan 30th, 2009
1 comments A lone workman peering from high above the Downtown Mall stands atop what remained of the Landmark Hotel crane at around 2:30pm on the afternoon of Friday, January 30. The only crew on the...
Snap o' the day: Walk on water
Published on Jan 19th, 2009
9 comments PHOTO BY LISA PROVENCE A frozen Mint Springs lured visitors to venture out on the ice January 18, though they stayed close to shore. Earlier parkgoers had thrown bottles and rocks that failed to...
Annual Manual errata, omitta
Published on Aug 26th, 2004
0 comments Not everyone found the Annual Manual totally delightful. Indeed, alert readers spotted several omissions. Like Blue Ridge Internetworks (817-0707) from the list of Internet providers–...
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