Snap o' the Day

They've been workin' on the railroad
Published on Mar 14th, 2009
8 comments A pair of heavy machines, including a ballast tamper, works near Old Ivy Road March 12, thanks to an $8.59 million, six-year state grant to the Buckingham Branch Railroad, which leases the CSX...
Snap o' the Day: Free parking
Published on Mar 12th, 2009
15 comments An NBC29 news-gathering vehicle finds a new use for pedestrian space on the Downtown Mall in this 5:30pm image shot by Kevin Cox. (Can Hook reporters start parking this way?)
Snap o' the Day: Workers on the Landmark
Published on Mar 11th, 2009
6 comments  Workers were on the top of the Landmark Hotel this morning, but according to a Clancy & Theys Construction Company official it was only to secure the site. As recent reports suggest, the...
Snap o' the night: Full moon with weird tail
Published on Mar 11th, 2009
0 comments The Hook caught the moon in western Albemarle last night pretending it was a comet– as the result of some dubious camera work.
Snap o' the Day: Mall protest
Published on Mar 10th, 2009
3 comments In an apparent protest of the waves of dust wafting across the Downtown Mall as workers cut bricks, a prankster has placed a breathing mask on the face of a human sculpture near Miller's restaurant...
Snap o' the Day: golfin' time
Published on Mar 9th, 2009
1 comments Saturday, March 7, with its calm breezes and above-70-degree temperatures, brought out dozens of golfers to the City's McIntire Park golf course. A day-earlier article in the Progress suggests that...
Snap o' the Day: thrifty toilet
Published on Mar 8th, 2009
8 comments Besides exotic food, including its signature chicken pastry, Al Hamraa, the recently-opened Moroccan restaurant in the Ix building, has something few, if any, other restaurants offer: a dual-flush...
Snap o' the Day: Pothole fillin' at Amtrak
Published on Mar 6th, 2009
3 comments "All we're doing is filling potholes and grading," says real estate broker Charlie Kabbash of this heavy machine-powered activity, seen here around 9am March 6, at the oft-dusty Amtrak station...
Snap o' the Day: Cancer hospital rises
Published on Mar 5th, 2009
0 comments The skeleton of the new Emily Couric Cancer Center rises, as seen in this view from the sixth floor of Jordan Hall and shot by Kevin Cox.
Snap o' the Day: Lady Liberty tax
Published on Mar 4th, 2009
1 comments How do you know tax time is approaching? Lady Liberty waves to you on your way to work! Plugged into her Ipod, Christina Scott waves to traffic along Long Street (Route 250) this morning, promoting...
Snap o' the Day: Drippy snowman
Published on Mar 4th, 2009
1 comments A snowman outside the downtown restaurant Fellini's #9 gathers a patina, as seen here Wednesday morning, two days after a school-halting snowfall. (Charlottesville and Albemarle publics are both...
Snap o' the day: First sign o' spring?
Published on Mar 2nd, 2009
4 comments Outdoor tables and chairs appeared over the weekend in front of Mudhouse. A portent spring is around the corner– or that rebricking has turned the corner on the west end of the Downtown Mall?
Snap o' the Day: Virginia solidifies its place...
Published on Mar 2nd, 2009
1 comments ... as the state with the fourth most winners in the New Yorker's caption contest. The most recent victory, a caption for a Far Side-ish mix of human and animal personae published January 26, went...
Snap o' the Day: brownish 'green' roof
Published on Mar 1st, 2009
1 comments The "green roof" put on City Hall last May (over the objection of at least one former Councilor) is looking a little brown these days–- or at least on Friday, February 27, the date of this...
Snap o' the Day: reskinning continues
Published on Feb 28th, 2009
2 comments The reskinning of the Downtown Mall continued on Friday, February 27 as seen in this view toward the Charlottesville Pavilion. The orangey portion is the new dry-laid brick, while the reddish parts...
Snap o' the Day: Closed-down drive-thru
Published on Feb 27th, 2009
2 comments The drive-thru bill-pay window at the Albemarle County Office Building is the latest victim of the economic crisis. Despite a proposed eight percent hike in the property tax rate, the County's...
Snap o' the day: Hopeful sight
Published on Feb 26th, 2009
2 comments Despite a mountain of miserable news lately about the housing market and a growing list of unfinished houses on the auction block, there is at least one hopeful sign in the Ridge Street neighborhood...
Snap o' the Day: the new Onesty Pool
Published on Feb 25th, 2009
0 comments Four months since breaking ground, the new Onesty Pool and bath house at Meade Park is coming along. In addition to new trails, and fields on the 5.6-acre tract of land along Chesapeake Street, the $...
Snap o' the Day: Mall hawk
Published on Feb 24th, 2009
12 comments A hawk surveys the Downtown Mall from its perch on a lamp post outside the Hook's office window.
Snap o' the Day: Deer park
Published on Feb 24th, 2009
1 comments A herd of whitetail deer wanders across the sloping backyard of Carter's View, where these houses, built by Church Hill Homes, have sat vacant and unfinished for nearly a year.