Snap o' the Day

Snap: Sleeving the leak
Published on Aug 28th, 2009
1 comments A geyser erupted Thursday afternoon when a contractor performing road-related drainage work inadvertently cut an old water main under the western edge of West Leigh Dive. Over a year ago, residents...
Four men and a sofa
Published on Aug 25th, 2009
1 comments Four men and a sofa stroll down 14th Street on Monday, August 24 at 5:30pm. UVA students began their classes the following day.
Snap o' the day: Where's Nicole?
Published on Aug 24th, 2009
18 comments Aussie country musician Keith Urban plays John Paul Jones Arena Thursday, August 27. One of his buses made an early arrival and was spotted in the Omni lot Sunday, August 23. Updated 11:10am August...
Camille marker
Published on Aug 18th, 2009
0 comments In anticipation of the 40th anniversary of the Hurricane Camille disaster in Nelson County, someone has lain a wreath at the stone and bronze memorial along Route 56 by the Tye River in the village...
Mint Springs beach
Published on Aug 16th, 2009
3 comments Ever wonder what Mint Springs Valley Park's sand beach looks like from a clearing in the woods just below the summit of Bucks Elbow Mountain on a muggy summer Saturday when the Park temperature is...
Dog vomit slime mold
Published on Aug 13th, 2009
8 comments With this unually moist summer, so-called dog vomit slime mold has been having a banner year. Photographed here August 8 near Ivy.
Fluids spill on the Corner
Published on Aug 12th, 2009
0 comments A trash truck suffered a malfunction Wednesday morning that coated the intersection of University Avenue and the Corner Parking Lot with hydraulic fluid, according to an officer working the scene....
Jackson Browne at the Pavilion
Published on Aug 11th, 2009
1 comments Jackson Browne–- famous for such hits as "The Pretender," "Running on Empty," and "Stay"–  played for a large and appreciative crowd Tuesday, August 4 at the Charlottesivlle Pavilion, an...
Whizzing by... closed I-81 rest stops
Published on Aug 10th, 2009
0 comments Since July 21, anyone heading north from Tennessee on I-81 who forgot to make a bathroom break at the Virginia Welcome Center might be disappointed by the sight of this closed Mile Marker 61-area...
Spray this moment
Published on Aug 8th, 2009
2 comments This is as far as the canoe could get on August 3, 2009. PHOTO BY HAWES SPENCER On May 2, 2008, the dock was surrounded by water. PHOTO BY HAWES SPENCER 1 of 2 What a difference a year has...
Rich corinthian leather and admission fees
Published on Aug 7th, 2009
5 comments A reporter's ears perked up during an August 2 visit to America's largest house in Asheville, North Carolina when the headphones advised that the mansion's Breakfast Room was clad in "hand-tooled...
New prez chats up alumni
Published on Aug 6th, 2009
0 comments The new president of Hampden-Sydney College, Christopher B. Howard, right, chats up alumnus J. Tayloe Emery at an August 5  reception at Farmington Country Club. As a Rhodes Scholar, war veteran,...
Odd balloons at the Jefferson
Published on Aug 5th, 2009
2 comments Actually, these sausage-shaped balloons bursting forth from the Jefferson Theater August 4 are for air circulation.
Deeds kicks off tour
Published on Aug 3rd, 2009
0 comments Democratic gubernatorial candidate Creigh Deeds bounds up to the stage for the launch of his "Deeds Country" tour. A crowd of over 150 supporters came out to the Downtown Mall Sunday, August 2....
The Gleason reshapes the view
Published on Aug 2nd, 2009
14 comments The Gleason, a six-story residential tower, the biggest non-UVA building ever built in Charlottesville, changes the 5:19pm July 31 view down First Street from the Downtown Mall.
Baby birds in a box
Published on Jul 29th, 2009
3 comments Seen at a local restaurant last week.
Swinging time over Loch Leigh
Published on Jul 28th, 2009
1 comments A girl takes a ride on a backyard swing over Loch Leigh in the West Leigh subdivision at sunset on Monday, July 27.
A spider web is tangled up with me
Published on Jul 26th, 2009
3 comments A spider web over a freshly-mowed yard in Albemarle last week.
Snap o' the day: Every broken bottle tells a story
Published on Jul 24th, 2009
0 comments Scene: Market Street at the steps up to Lee Park around noon Thursday, July 23. Clues: Two broken beer bottles, flip-flops, a UVA baseball cap, and an empty Bud 12-pack. What happened here? You be...
Book has the flu
Published on Jul 23rd, 2009
8 comments People flipping out about the swine flu, H1N1, and the worry that getting vaccinated might mean suffering from Gullain-Barr© Syndrome might be calmed by reading this 2001 book by New York Times...