Snap o' the Day

Snap: U2 panorama and slideshow
Published on Oct 11th, 2009
1 comments Finally got around to posting this panorama (with bad stitching) shot October 1, as well as a slideshow. Maybe should have waited longer.
Snap o' the day: Eye-catching Les Yeux
Published on Oct 9th, 2009
7 comments Lyn Warren unveils Les Yeux du Monde's newest home off Stony Point Road. W.G. Clark designed the gallery, and its steel exterior will rust to a red over the next year.
Snap o' the day: Inside the Blue Lodge
Published on Oct 6th, 2009
1 comments The local Masonic Temple on the Downtown Mall opens its doors Tuesday, October 13, at 6:30pm to reveal rooms like the Solomon's Temple-inspired Blue Lodge, where secret rites take place. A former...
Snap o' the day: Government giveaway
Published on Oct 2nd, 2009
5 comments Commonwealth's Attorney Dave Chapman and Deputy CA Claude Worrell man a different kind of prosecutor's table on Government Services Day, when city departments set up tables on the Downtown Mall and...
Snap: Hood ornament
Published on Sep 30th, 2009
1 comments A race car can make a groovy hood ornament. Photographed September 28 on South Street downtown.
Snap: Turkey Vultures at Foxfield
Published on Sep 28th, 2009
1 comments Turkey vultures enjoy the leftovers of the tailgating scene at the Foxfield Races on Sunday at 4:58pm. And then they took flight.
Snap: Home of Bears and bears
Published on Sep 26th, 2009
4 comments Photographed September 13, Jackson P. Burley Middle School is home to the Bears–- and now the bears. TV reports were aflutter all weekend with news that a mama and two cubs treed themselves....
Snap o' the day: Model A-OK
Published on Sep 25th, 2009
1 comments Model A Ford sightings proliferated over the past week, thanks to a convening of the Model A Restorers Club. These were spotted September 21 on Route 250 heading over to Staunton for a visit with...
Snap: Buck by the tracks
Published on Sep 23rd, 2009
1 comments Radio talk show host Coy Barefoot sent us this one snapped near his house in Western Albemarle, snapped around 10 on the morning of Sunday, September 20.
Snap: Crane for Rice Hall
Published on Sep 20th, 2009
3 comments UVA's engineering school is getting a new information technology building in the form of Rice Hall, a six-story LEED-certified building next door to Scott Stadium and one which, UVA contends, Mr....
Snap o' the day: Nude pix reaction
Published on Sep 17th, 2009
9 comments Newsplex reporter Liz Palka seeks reaction to Playboy's naked ladies of the ACC, pictured in this week's Hook, which seems to have caused a bit of a kerfluffle for some readers.
Snap: Emptying stands bad omen for Groh
Published on Sep 13th, 2009
11 comments Big holes like this one were opening up as dejected fans began fleeing Scott Stadium even before the fourth quarter began in UVA's 30-14 loss to TCU Saturday afternoon. But this is how Section 123...
Snap: Sunset on Court Square
Published on Sep 12th, 2009
5 comments Court Square glows in the sunset at 7:24pm on Friday, 9/11.
Snap: Gutting on Grady
Published on Sep 11th, 2009
0 comments An old house at the corner of Grady Avenue and 10 1/2 Street stands gutted in preparation for a rebuild by Sowell Construction, the company whose owner was once portrayed as a "Girl Gone Green" in a...
Snap: Grey morning over U-Hall
Published on Sep 10th, 2009
1 comments Grey skies loom over U-Hall (and University Village retirement center looms over U-Hall). The Weather Underground predicts continued clouds with a 40 percent chance of showers by day and a 50 percent...
Bunny meets dog, sort of
Published on Sep 8th, 2009
1 comments A bunny rabbit hangs out with a plastic yard dog in Western Albemarle August 30. Neither appeared rabid.
Snap: new CTS fares
Published on Sep 2nd, 2009
1 comments From $2 to $1.50, CTS lowered its all-day bus fare–- around the time this photo was shot, which was 8:28am on August 18.
Snap: Kathryn Caine performs
Published on Aug 30th, 2009
8 comments Kathryn Caine performs August 20 at Wild Wing Caf©.
Snap: Solar coaster returns
Published on Aug 29th, 2009
0 comments Roger Voisinet, a realtor who also installs solar energy systems, checks out the Free Union house where he placed a thermal solar system back in 1981 (pair of center panels) and then returned in July...
Snap o' the day: Another fox sighting
Published on Aug 29th, 2009
3 comments Inside the offices of the Hook...