Snap o' the Day

Snap: The Park
Published on Mar 15th, 2010
0 comments UVA's athletic facility known as The Park got some unwanted attention late last year when it became the reason that a man gained an additional felony charge for selling drugs too close to a school,...
Snap: Sunset at Crozet Library
Published on Mar 14th, 2010
1 comments The Crozet Library gleams in the afternoon light of February 28. For a while, there was a plan to replace the former railroad depot with a mammoth new library nearby. Although a house was demolished...
Snap: Raise high the goalpost (and grease it)
Published on Mar 13th, 2010
2 comments Members of UVA's intramural sports department raise a repaired goal post in Madison Bowl, or Mad Bowl, at 8:23am of March 4. One member of the morning bar-raising team said the work came in the wake...
Snap: The Hookworms
Published on Mar 12th, 2010
3 comments For the second year in a row, the Hook brings home the trophy at Wordplay, a game show that benefits Literacy Volunteers of America. Thirty-six teams competed Wednesday night, March 10, at the Omni....
Snap: Low Strung Cellos at Fellini's
Published on Mar 11th, 2010
2 comments The Low Strung Cellos, a group of Yale University students who perform pop and rock covers, earned big ovations Wednesday night, March 10, at Fellini's restaurant. Low Strung covers the gamut from...
Snap: Fox on Altamont
Published on Mar 9th, 2010
1 comments Downtown denizen Wick Hunt says he snapped this image of a gray fox in a yard on Altamont Circle on Sunday, March 7. Unlike the potentially rabid, human-biting, sweater-stealing fox that plagued the...
Snap: Practice on the lot, boy
Published on Feb 28th, 2010
8 comments Due to snowy and soggy fields, the Boys Middle School Lacrosse League is getting off to a late and asphalty start this season. Here, some of the players from Henley Middle School run drills on the...
Snap: Kids on the Mall
Published on Feb 26th, 2010
24 comments Kids returning from a field trip throng the Charlottesville Downtown Mall as buses arrive to whisk them back to Albemarle on Friday at 11:49am. The youths from Agnor-Hurt Elementary were watching a...
Snap: Shipping out the snow
Published on Feb 19th, 2010
4 comments As a new winter storm veers eastward and amid a multi-day mop-up operation of past storms, a City pickup truck hauls a load of snow west on the Downtown Mall, as photographed at 9:32am Friday,...
Snap o' the day: Sit
Published on Feb 17th, 2010
0 comments Two Labs wait obediently outside Mudhouse on the Downtown Mall.
Snap: Sutherland Middle in the snow
Published on Feb 15th, 2010
2 comments A giant swath of snow hangs off the roof of Sutherland Middle School February 13, two days before students returned after a nearly two-week, snow-induced hiatus. Albemarle students got zero...
Snap: Darden courtyard in snow
Published on Feb 14th, 2010
9 comments A nocturnal view of a Darden school courtyard Saturday–- the kind of photo that might be taken by someone taking a break at fancy charity ball.
Snap: Calm before the (big) storm
Published on Feb 4th, 2010
4 comments With a moisture-laden low pressure system hovering off the East Coast, a frigid air mass moving down from Canada, and a whopper of a storm system picking up Gulf moisture as it steadily moves east,...
Snap: UVA students defy the snow
Published on Feb 3rd, 2010
17 comments UVA students defied an overnight snowfall of three or four inches to attend their classes on Wednesday morning. So why can't the other Charlottesville and Albemarle students?
Snap: Jefferson Theater snowball fight
Published on Feb 2nd, 2010
3 comments A light-hearted snowball fight breaks out tonight around 8:30pm in front of the Jefferson Theater, the 1912 palace of movies and mirth that reopened last Thanksgiving.
Snap: Striped road for snow
Published on Jan 29th, 2010
4 comments Speak softly and carry... a lot of deicing compound that you can stripe on the roads. That seems to be the mantra of VDOT this time around. In anticipation of a snowstorm, this is how Route 29 looked...
Snap o' the Day: Waterways crest their banks
Published on Jan 25th, 2010
0 comments Torrential rains last night turned rivers and streams into raging torrents, many of which overflowed their banks, including this small waterway at the entrance to the Key West subdivision on Route 20...
Snap: High climber
Published on Jan 15th, 2010
6 comments A workman with Dodson Glass reglazes the upper part of a window at 10:08am Friday morning, January 15 at an office of the Southern Environmental Law Center on the Downtown Mall. (Ladder falls cause...
Snap: Starr Hill houses from train
Published on Jan 3rd, 2010
6 comments Houses along Anderson, Page, and Albemarle Streets still sport their mantle of snow, as seen in this 11:14am view from Amtrak's Northeast Regional on Sunday, January 3. –-the headline has been...
Snap: Waste Management
Published on Dec 27th, 2009
18 comments Working through the situation, Waste Management employees collect garbage at 8:19am on Wednesday the 23rd of December on Second Street NW.