Snap o' the Day

Snap o' the Day: Commodities lesson
Published on Mar 9th, 2011
0 comments How quickly is the price of gas soaring? The photo to the left was taken at the Ivy Road Shell on Friday, March 4; the second, on Tuesday, March 8.
Snap o' the Day: Anyone missing their clothes?
Published on Mar 2nd, 2011
1 comments Was it the warm weather–- or something else–- that caused these jeans and t-shirt to be left neatly folded outside a Crozet subdivision fence Sunday morning, February 27?
Winter jasmine has come out
Published on Feb 25th, 2011
1 comments It's that time when the Hook takes a picture of the winter jasmine, a bellwether of the weather, at the corner of Rugby Road and University Avenue. This picture was taken the 19th of February, and it...
Snap o' the Day: Odd bird spotted in McIntire Park
Published on Feb 11th, 2011
5 comments Ornithologist/environmental scientist Pete Myers captured this exotic breed he believes may be a hybrid of Big Bird and a Eurasian species called the Hoopoe on January 28. Then again, it could be an...
Snap: Frat guys ready to cross... Alderman
Published on Feb 5th, 2011
2 comments Along Alderman Road near Scott Stadium, this group of fellows was carrying a big maroon banner bearing the fraternity initials of Phi Sigma Kappa. (Or was it Phi Kappa Psi? Or was it Phi Delta Theta...
Snap: Landmark shell, the new crane, and distant Wintergreen
Published on Feb 3rd, 2011
5 comments A January 21 view of the Landmark hotelus interuptus, the new crane building Waterhouse, and (if you click on the pic) the snowy slopes of Wintergreen ski resort off in the distance. Ski resorts must...
Snap: Free Union sunrise
Published on Feb 1st, 2011
2 comments The late-January sun rises over the Western Albemarle community of Free Union. Unlike this idyllic moment, Wednesday is expected to dawn with clouds and rain.
Snap: Oliver Kuttner plays the Field
Published on Jan 31st, 2011
5 comments The Charlottesville-based entrepreneur won the $5 million first prize in a national contest seeking fuel-efficient automotive innovation. PHOTO BY MEREDITH MONTAGUE Car-of-the-future inventor...
Snap: A snow 'Spectacle'
Published on Jan 28th, 2011
2 comments Circa 6pm on Wednesday, January 26. PHOTO BY TOM DALY Through the glass of the Spectacle Shop eyeglass store, a lone stroller paces the Downtown Mall during the January 26 "snowstorm."
Snap: Top down at 12°
Published on Jan 24th, 2011
7 comments Snapped January 24 on Hydraulic Road. PHOTO BY BOB KAHN While his vehicle's sensor measured the outdoor air at a cool 12 degrees Farhrenheit, Charlottesville resident Bob Kahn spotted this VW Eos...
Waterhouse rises
Published on Jan 21st, 2011
11 comments The crane as seen on Friday, January 21. PHOTO BY DAVE MCNAIR Crews erected a construction crane on Thursday, January 20, a powerful visual symbol of the long-awaited (and scaled down) Waterhouse...
Snap: Ice race on Loch Leigh
Published on Jan 15th, 2011
5 comments 4:23pm, Saturday, January 15. PHOTO BY HAWES SPENCER Two youths and their canine friend prepare to race on the ice at Loch Leigh, a shallow lake in the West Leigh neighborhood.
Snap: You just made my day!
Published on Jan 11th, 2011
4 comments PHOTO BY STEPHANIE MARIE GARCIA We don't know who he is or where he was going–- but we gotta admit, when we saw this gentleman wandering the Downtown Mall with this sign, we swooned. Thanks...
Bourbon brew at Blue Mountain
Published on Jan 7th, 2011
1 comments You lookin' for beer, Mister? The boys at Blue Mountain Brewery, from left to right, Chad Dean, Matt Nucci, and Taylor Smack got some. PHOTO BY MANDI SMACK The bad boys at Blue Mountain Brewery are...
Snap: Balloon landing in Best Buy lot
Published on Jan 6th, 2011
9 comments Around 10:30am, Thursday, January 6. PHOTO BY WICK HUNT Hook contributor Wick Hunt snapped this image of a hot-air balloon making a  pinpoint landing in the Best Buy parking lot as the balloon owner...
Snap: Sunny slopes at Wintergreen
Published on Dec 28th, 2010
5 comments Wintergreen at 1:43pm Tuesday. PHOTO BY HAWES SPENCER Wintergreen may not have gotten the foot-plus of fresh powder enjoyed last night at some West Virginia ski areas, but the Nelson County resort...
Snap: Horse-drawn carriage
Published on Dec 26th, 2010
7 comments 4:36pm on December 26. PHOTO BY HAWES SPENCER Sorry, this a non-local snap o' the day. Twas shot from the Hookmobile the day after Christmas on Thompson Corner Road in St. Mary's County, Maryland....
Snap: Casket delivery at Hill & Wood
Published on Dec 26th, 2010
15 comments A December 13 delivery of an unused casket. PHOTO BY HAWES SPENCER It's not all fun and games during the holidays. Sometimes, Batesville Casket Company (headquartered in Batesville, Indiana) has to...
Snap: How much snow will we get xmas day?
Published on Dec 25th, 2010
3 comments Belmont and its bridge at 8:51am on the 21st, five days after the season's first snowstorm. PHOTO BY HAWES SPENCER Sunday, December 26, 9:25am update: The snow gods don't seem to love us as much as...
Snap: Rudolph's ready
Published on Dec 24th, 2010
0 comments Tuesday, December 21 at 2:02pm. PHOTO BY HAWES SPENCER The 9th reindeer made a stop on the Downtown Mall a few days before Christmas in the form of Jeffrey Norford. The man who delivers the Hook and...