Trumped up: Kluge bankruptcy means all signs point to Donald
Published on Jul 19th, 2011
9 comments Patricia Kluge has always had a knack for strategic moves, so why should her personal bankruptcy be any different?As lenders converged to seize her winery and her beloved 45-room Albemarle House, she...
Snap: Restaurant week rolls on
Published on Jul 15th, 2011
2 comments Restaurant Week diners appear to be enjoying themselves at the Boar's Head Inn Thursday night.
John Couric: Father to late legislator Emily has died at 90
Published on Jun 24th, 2011
3 comments The father of late legislator Emily Couric has died at the age of 90 in a Washington, D.C.-area hospital, the Washington Post reports. John Couric was a frequent presence in Charlottesville, with...
Full-timer: Kluge working while filing bankruptcy
Published on Jun 21st, 2011
18 comments Patricia Kluge may have literally put everything she owned into trying to save the winery she created. After months of foreclosures on her businesses and homes, the now Trump-employed vintner and...
Salatin shines again in 'Farmageddon'
Published on Jun 16th, 2011
0 comments Back in 2009, we had an opportunity to see Joel Salatin, the Shenandoah Valley's most famous farmer, in action. When we arrived at sunrise, the outspoken agriculturist was already high up in a...
Socialite renovates Social Hall
Published on Jun 14th, 2011
12 comments Former U.S. Senator George Allen knows when to hold 'em and when to fold 'em. The savvy former senator, who has begun campaigning for his old federal job, appears to have made a killing on "Social...
VQR's Genoways: Did bully defense lead to code offense?
Published on Jun 10th, 2011
28 comments After last summer's suicide of Virginia Quarterly Review managing editor Kevin Morrissey, the Hook obtained a series of emails from editor Ted Genoways that revealed "poisonous" tensions between the...
What do you think about false confessions?
Published on Jun 9th, 2011
Kluge draperies go on the block
Published on Jun 7th, 2011
11 comments The latest auction of lavish goods once owned by Patricia Kluge takes place without the fanfare of last year's two-day Sotheby's sale. On Saturday, June 11, her David Easton-designed draperies from...
Lawrence Eagleburger: Statesman, Tea-Partier, unusual child-namer
Published on Jun 5th, 2011
6 comments Retired high-level diplomat Lawrence Eagleburger, an Albemarle County resident, has died at the age of 80, according to various reports. Eagleburger, who served George H.W. Bush briefly as Secretary...
You're hired: Trump to keep Kluge and Moses at winery
Published on May 17th, 2011
11 comments On the same day that Donald Trump announced that he won't be making a run for the U.S. presidency, his son reveals that the famous deal-maker plans to continue to invest in the wine operation he...
Midnight rider: How Jack Jouett saved Virginia
Published on May 10th, 2011
24 comments It was the evening of June 3, 1781– a Sunday– and war was on its way to Charlottesville.Nearly forty miles to the east, at Cuckoo Tavern, John Jouett Jr. had finished dinner and gone...
New owner of Kluge winery suffers political setback
Published on Apr 27th, 2011
72 comments Donald Trump, the man who would be president and the man who bought a foreclosed local winery, suffered a setback April 27, as the actual president unveiled his actual birth certificate, showing that...
'Family man': Relatives fear for missing Fluvanna citizen
Published on Apr 19th, 2011
1 comments "I love you, baby. Have a great day." Those were the last words Tara Hourihan heard from her husband of 14 years, Robert Lee Hourihan, as he prepared to leave for work on Friday, April 8. The 33-year...
Tulip Man(ia): Pick-your-own fest blossoms
Published on Apr 7th, 2011
3 comments When Jeroen Koeman says he's the Tulip Man, the Madison County resident is just stating a fact. He comes from a line of tulip growers in Holland, where six of his father's eight brothers grow the...
Debbie dilemma: Should admiration trump a losing record?
Published on Mar 31st, 2011
0 comments My son recently learned how to "wave bye-bye," and he’s completely enamored with the action. It’s a good skill for him and the rest of us to know, since Virginians are going to be waving “bye-bye” to...
Michael Vick only sorry he got caught
Published on Mar 31st, 2011
5 comments I am really having a hard time with the Sports Doctor. [November 25: "Giving thanks: Three cheers for two good sports"] Michael Vick has no remorse for what he did to those dogs. His only regret is...
Liz Taylor: She shot classic Giant in Albemarle
Published on Mar 23rd, 2011
22 comments As tributes pour in for Elizabeth Taylor, some Albemarle residents may recall how she came to the Charlottesville area more than 50 years ago to shoot a movie that became a classic: Giant. Besides...
Gray Emory Coale
Published on Mar 3rd, 2011
0 comments My sister Gray was diagnosed with inoperable pancreatic cancer in November of ‘09. Gray never asked the Doctor about prognosis, never Googled. She went about her life. I had a lot of ideas early on...
Remembering Emily: Sister Katie helps unveil Couric Cancer Center
Published on Feb 26th, 2011
12 comments More photos Nearly a decade after losing her battle to pancreatic cancer, state senator Emily Couric was commemorated Saturday by the dedication of a 150,000 square-foot University of Virginia...