Grindin’ it out: Kevin Everson keeps on filming
Published on Nov 2nd, 2011
0 comments It’s hard to tell whether Charlottesville’s resident experimental filmmaker Kevin Everson spends more time behind the viewfinder of his 16mm camera or at airports. Since 2010, Everson’s films have...
Best o' the fest: What real filmmakers want to see
Published on Nov 2nd, 2011
0 comments Salivation. That's what happens when you're a cinephile and you pick up the program for the 24th annual Virginia Film Festival and see all those unreleased new movies, and all those classics you've...
Production values: Jack Fisk finds days of heaven
Published on Nov 2nd, 2011
0 comments Cismont resident Jack Fisk has a charmed career. Few movie production designers have worked on so many critically acclaimed films or as consistently with extraordinary directors, such as Terrence...
Why are you occupying Lee Park?
Published on Oct 19th, 2011
Steve's magic: The irony behind Apple's success
Published on Oct 6th, 2011
9 comments By Andrew Potter The internet chatterbots still weren't finished complaining about the underwhelming iPhone 4S Apple's first major product launch under new CEO Tim Cook when it was announced that...
Thanks a million: Students raise seven figures to honor Mead
Published on Oct 6th, 2011
1 comments When Greg McLean, University of Virginia Class of '95, had chemotherapy over the summer he was an undergrad and then insisted he was returning to school, a professor said, "Why don't you live with me...
'The wind': Donald Trump lifts spirits at winery
Published on Oct 5th, 2011
40 comments The hottest ticket in Virginia last week was the grand opening of Trump Vineyard Estates, with scores of public officials among 500 wine-happy citizens clamoring for a peek at the relaunched vineyard...
He's baaack: Selfish Gene author pens one for the kids
Published on Sep 29th, 2011
25 comments The author of The Selfish Gene is back in Charlottesville. This time, however, the British scientist and atheist extraordinaire (he's also author of the 2006 best-seller The God Delusion) will speak...
Lady Justice outside the bank
Published on Sep 28th, 2011
6 comments Lady J declined to answer questions about how she balances the scales of justice and herself on top of that bucket on the Downtown Mall September 16.
Three chieftains
Published on Sep 22nd, 2011
1 comments These three members of the CFD– Battalion Chief Pete Sweeney, Volunteer Chief Tom Yenovkian, and Volunteer Assistant Chief Jessie Sexton– were part of the 9/11 commemoration on the...
Can Professor Cline save the Taubman?
Published on Sep 22nd, 2011
2 comments Roanoke's futuristic-looking Taubman museum isn't meeting attendance projections, so they've brought in the ever-colorful "Professor" Mark Cline, of dinosaur-and-Foamhenge (and more recently of 9/11...
Horsin' around: Galloping Grandfather keeps on riding
Published on Sep 13th, 2011
5 comments Harry de Leyer can fly. Photos of him soaring over seven-foot jumps atop champion steeds line the walls of his trophy-filled farmhouse in Dyke. A painting of him over the fireplace depicts that same...
Buffetted: Weschler to invest for Warren's shareholders
Published on Sep 12th, 2011
9 comments An owner of the Hook is Omaha-bound. And this isn't a baseball story. Ted Weschler, 50, until now a quiet giant in the hedge fund world, has been hired as part of a new generation of talent to run...
Stocking up: Gourmet eats... après le déluge
Published on Sep 1st, 2011
2 comments Fortunately Hurricane Irene didn't bring the rain and winds and days without power that 2003's Isabel did, nor did the Cuckoo quake leave us electricity-less. But with microbursts and Snowpocalyse-...
Right to bare? TSA screeners face lawsuit
Published on Aug 30th, 2011
12 comments Aaron Tobey, the 21-year-old Charlottesville native who made headlines last December when he was arrested after stripping down to his shorts at the Richmond International Airport while going through...
Rodney's role: 'I am not a wheeler dealer'
Published on Aug 19th, 2011
16 comments Rodney Thomas is mad. It's one day after a prominent blogger has accused the Albemarle supervisor of agreeing to "grease the skids" for the construction of the Western U.S. 29 bypass by limiting...
Shaken and stirred: Why Winehouse's death can help kids
Published on Aug 18th, 2011
0 comments By Bruce Kluger I was unexpectedly shaken when I learned the news about singer Amy Winehouse, who was found dead in her North London home just hours after her manager had announced that she was...
The bully pulpit: Documentary explores VQR tragedy
Published on Aug 12th, 2011
15 comments Last summer, the tragic suicide of Virginia Quarterly Review managing editor Kevin Morrissey, who made a 911 call reporting his own shooting down by the Coal Tower on former UVA president John...
Lawnmower men: Meriweather mows irreverent ground
Published on Aug 11th, 2011
0 comments You've tossed dull corporate newsletters straight in the trash, so why read the one from the yard maintenance company? How about dramatic candor of "The Ooops Issue"? "In May of '96, if you were...
Where's Waldo? At the White House, in your computer... where *isn't* Waldo?
Published on Aug 10th, 2011
16 comments Where's Waldo? It's a clichéd question to ask about a man by that name, but in the case of Waldo Jaquith– who so resembles the famous find-the-character cartoon that he changed his first name...