Where would you like to spend the next $14.6 million of transportation funds in Charlottesville?
Published on Apr 18th, 2012
Tom Tom Founders Festival
Published on Apr 18th, 2012
13 comments Beer, music, food, people, perfect weather, and a bear-in-progress (by sculptor Ed Miller), as the Festival kicked off on Friday, April 13 with a block party at the McGuffey Art Center.~Commentator...
Gone global: Hunter and his World Peace game soar
Published on Apr 17th, 2012
2 comments If there were a competition for the most modest man in Charlottesville, teacher and World Peace Game creator John Hunter and local filmmaker Chris Farina would be neck-and-neck for the prize. "I'm...
'Mother' calling: Celebrity chef Alice Waters to visit Monticello
Published on Apr 17th, 2012
9 comments Okay, hard-core foodies, fasten your seat belts. Monticello just announced that Alice Waters, widely hailed as the "mother of American cooking" and the American pioneer in the local food movement,...
Growing trend: Zynodoa puts the farm on the table
Published on Apr 17th, 2012
1 comments There's a growing trend, literally, among chefs and restaurant owners to source food from their own gardens and small farms, but few seem to be embracing that idea quite like Zynodoa in Staunton....
American garden: Peter Hatch and the restoration of Jefferson's landscape
Published on Apr 16th, 2012
0 comments Peter Hatch is all over the place this month. He's in Washington to help First Lady Michelle Obama plant the White House vegetable garden, he's in San Francisco for a Gardening Conservancy symposium...
Have you used the Belmont Bridge lately?
Published on Apr 11th, 2012
Charles Martin: Former Albemarle supervisor dies Tuesday
Published on Apr 10th, 2012
6 comments Charles S. Martin, who served three terms on the Albemarle Board of Supervisors and was its first African-American chairman, died at home early April 10 from prostate cancer. Martin, 57, was on the...
Tom Tom beat: McGuffey block party kicks off month-long fest
Published on Apr 10th, 2012
1 comments Paul Beyer's ambitious vision for Charlottesville's own South by Southwest– the Tom Tom Founders Festival– debuts April 13, a kick-off to 30 days of music, art, and innovation on Thomas...
Takin' the 5th: Peyton Williams wants cousin's job
Published on Apr 9th, 2012
35 comments Campaign workers are meeting in the living room of the house Peyton Williams' great aunt built off JPA in the the 1930s. A reporter and photographer appear. Cars need to be moved so a volunteer can...
Get Nick: Can 'Hot Air' filmmakers raise $65K?
Published on Apr 6th, 2012
9 comments Derek Sieg and Jeremy Goldstein want Nick Nolte bad. So badly that they've launched a "Let's get Nick" campaign, with website and videos. They've taken to the streets– and the Downtown Mall...
Foreboding sky over the Tuckahoe
Published on Mar 30th, 2012
0 comments With River Road's Tuckahoe condominium in the background under a stormy sky in later March, two boys walk through the Country Club of Virginia. (The longtime manager of Farmington Country Club, Phil...
Beautiful kill: UVA doc takes aim at deadliest cancer
Published on Mar 28th, 2012
37 comments Glioma is the most common and deadly kind of brain cancer. Each year, 10,000 Americans are diagnosed, and only half survive beyond a year. Only a quarter after two years. But research at the...
Wine tale: Veritas makes State Department debut
Published on Mar 26th, 2012
9 comments Last week, the folks at Veritas Vineyard & Winery in Afton had a challenge and an honor– serving up their wine at a State Department luncheon with the Prime Minister of England David...
Chipping away: True confessions of a juicer
Published on Mar 25th, 2012
19 comments Remember the chipper scene from Fargo? Frances McDormand is a cop investigating a homicide when she comes upon a man who is feeding, we are to believe, Steve Buscemi’s leg into a wood chipper.In...
Stressed and out: City spokesman resigns after bid-rigging investigation
Published on Mar 22nd, 2012
103 comments Rob Schilling has long railed against an allegedly fortress-like atmosphere in City Hall, one that allegedly kept him in the dark even while an elected member of City Council. But, on March 21, less...
Danielson's back? Billionaire's backing enthuses Landmark creator
Published on Mar 20th, 2012
20 comments   Related stories • Indigence plea: Halsey Minor's assets don't include cash • Free at last? Govt-owned bank wins control of Landmark hotel • Minor filing: Halsey files bankruptcy for Landmark...
Nell Casey: Swimming through Spalding Gray
Published on Mar 20th, 2012
0 comments Around 2007, Kathleen Russo, widow of monologuist Spalding Gray, approached author Nell Casey about writing Gray’s autobiography. Gray, who committed suicide in 2004, spent his career publicly,...
Weird sisters: When Shakespeare plays second fiddle
Published on Mar 20th, 2012
1 comments Best-selling author Eleanor Brown is a book festival’s ideal guest: a voracious reader from a family of voracious readers who writes about voracious readers. Brown’s first novel, The Weird Sisters,...
Art of writing: Harbach knocks it out of the park
Published on Mar 14th, 2012
6 comments Related story: • Kayley's Constellations - By Chad Harbach Literary phenom Chad Harbach credits the Hook for his runaway success with The Art of Fielding, the book that was on everyone's top 10...