Record early? Christmas lights began November 2
Published on Nov 4th, 2009
16 comments About 15 feet above Ridge-McIntire Road, Randall Bowling eyes his Wednesday-morning handiwork. PHOTO BY HAWES SPENCER Just two days after Halloween, three and a half weeks before Thanksgiving (not...
Snap o' the day: Too green?
Published on Oct 29th, 2009
2 comments All three candidates in the Samuel Miller District supervisor race went green for their campaign signs, which have gathered off U.S. 250 just east of Ivy.
Single shot: Can an independent win Council seat?
Published on Oct 27th, 2009
51 comments Independent Bob Fenwick wants to defy the odds and get on City Council. FILE PHOTO BY HAWES SPENCER Independent City Council candidate Bob Fenwick is getting a lot of buzz– and support from a...
Where is Gary O'Connell?
Published on Oct 27th, 2009
20 comments Charlottesville’s City Manager, Gary O’Connell, has been on medical leave since October 22, says City spokesperson Ric Barrick, recovering at home from a “private” and unknown medical procedure that...
Team Obama flees sinking Deeds
Published on Oct 24th, 2009
28 comments Republican Bob McDonnell tries to sway UVA football tailgaters September 12. PHOTO BY HAWES SPENCER Aides to the American president don't seem to be taking the it-ain't-over-till-it's-over advice...
Trash talking: RSWA breaks silence on lawsuit
Published on Oct 24th, 2009
17 comments “This case is about right and wrong,” says RSWA director Tom Frederick in a recent memo, accusing recycler Peter Van der Linde of "defrauding" the RSWA out of more than "a million dollars in tipping...
$249,000 skiddoo? Pipe study eludes elections
Published on Oct 22nd, 2009
12 comments RWSA director Tom Frederick has enjoyed the support of his board, including Charlottesville Public Works director Judy Mueller. FILE PHOTO BY HAWES SPENCER Despite a request from a prominent critic...
Fenwick defends Van der Linde
Published on Oct 20th, 2009
8 comments “This is a monumental waste of time and money," says Bob Fenwick of the Waste Authority's lawsuit against Peter Van der Linde, seen here on the trolley Van der Linde uses to give school tours of his...
Cummings and Snow spar on taxes, cuts
Published on Oct 20th, 2009
4 comments Democratic Samuel Miller district supervisor candidate Madison Cummings blasts Republican opponent Duane Snow for suggesting a budget ax of up to 20 percent to help rein in the potential $2.4 million...
Heaphy new U.S. Attorney
Published on Oct 16th, 2009
1 comments Appointed by President Barack Obama and confirmed by the U.S. Senate October 14, Charlottesville resident Timothy Heaphy was sworn in today as United States Attorney for the Western District of...
Blow to the flow? RSWA, Boyd distancing from monopoly talk
Published on Oct 10th, 2009
16 comments “It is absolutely false that I supported flow control,” says BoS member Ken Boyd, calling it “more than a stretch” to suggest he ever did. FILE PHOTO BY HAWES SPENCER Two weeks after the Rivanna...
Burned: Controlled fire alarms citizens
Published on Oct 9th, 2009
5 comments A controlled burn may include back fires. PHOTO COURTESY VIRGINIA DEPARTMENT OF FORESTRY Coming exactly a week before the start of fall's wildland fire season, when state officials fear fire...
Council Candidates condemn RSWA lawsuit
Published on Oct 8th, 2009
11 comments Independent City Council candidate Bob Fenwick called on Mayor Dave Norris to “publicly repudiate” the RSWA’s $20 million lawsuit against Peter Van der Linde. FILE PHOTO BY HAWES SPENCER While our...
Cramming: How bogus fees hit your phone bill
Published on Oct 5th, 2009
6 comments This scam IQ test on Facebook asks unwitting test-takers for a mobile phone number and hides the part that says they're going to get charged $9.99 a month for text message services. No longer do...
Williams: Massive resistance hurt whites, too
Published on Oct 2nd, 2009
7 comments Eugene Williams has been fighting for civil rights for over 50 years, and even when City Council apologizes for past wrongs, he reminds them that the battle isn't over. PHOTO BY WILL WALKER A public...
Snap o' the day: Government giveaway
Published on Oct 2nd, 2009
5 comments Commonwealth's Attorney Dave Chapman and Deputy CA Claude Worrell man a different kind of prosecutor's table on Government Services Day, when city departments set up tables on the Downtown Mall and...
Schilling creates 'dumper sticker'
Published on Oct 2nd, 2009
27 comments Under the Hook’s recent post about the Rivanna Solid Waste Authority discussing the idea of adopting a flow-control ordinance, one disgruntled commenter suggested the idea of creating “Dump RSWA”...
Lawyers, trash, and money
Published on Oct 1st, 2009
7 comments If the Rivanna Solid Waste Authority doesn’t win its $20 million lawsuit against Peter van der Linde, area tax payers may be doing more to support lawyers than recycling efforts. A recent financial...
Today show spotlights Hatton Ferry
Published on Sep 29th, 2009
6 comments NBC's Today show put on a remarkable story–- complete with nuptials–- on the under-the-axe Hatton Ferry Monday.
Flow blow: Wasteworks may seek trash monopoly
Published on Sep 28th, 2009
74 comments RSWA lawyer Kurt Krueger defined "flow-control" for Board members at their September 22 meeting. FILE PHOTO BY HAWES SPENCER Rivanna Solid Waste Authority director Tom Frederick has long contended...