Published on Mar 22nd, 2012
Parable for all: Hunger Games skirts true moral commentary
Published on Mar 22nd, 2012
8 comments   The Hunger Games Director: Gary RossStarring: Stanley Tucci and Jennifer LawrencePlaying: Seminole~PG-13  - 142 min. Like many science fiction stories, The Hunger Games portrays a...
Tha Adbusta of Augusta
Published on Mar 22nd, 2012
0 comments This DJ Kook sticker was spotted on the corner of Ridge and West Main– it reminds us of something.
Calypso: The Caribbean comes to Emmet Street
Published on Mar 20th, 2012
8 comments Calypso, the new Caribbean restaurant, cafe, and bakery that opened last week, probably has the most secure wine cellar in Charlottesville— the vault left behind by a bank that previously occupied...
Roman spring: Bella's readies for Friday opening
Published on Mar 20th, 2012
2 comments   Related story Chow Bella: Rome-inspired restaurant to open in March The bar will be complete, the tables and chairs set up, and the staff ready to debut Bella's. The Roman cuisine restaurant...
Eating, easy: Dinner at Home takes away the work
Published on Mar 20th, 2012
0 comments It's the plight of many a harried family: how to provide healthy meals while juggling the demands of jobs, school, sports, and other time-devouring extracurriculars. Enter Ashley East, a former...
Savory feeling: Restaurant Week rocked Food Bank w/$13K
Published on Mar 19th, 2012
0 comments The sixth Charlottesville Restaurant Week took place in late January, but the savory flavors linger– especially for the Blue Ridge Area Food Bank, which learned this week that the city-wide...
FunStuff: Charlottesville events March 22 and beyond
Published on Mar 18th, 2012
3 comments Book feteThe Virginia Festival of the Book gets underway March 21, but there's still time to catch some bookish talks and readings, especially those off the beaten path. For instance, how has social...
Whatcha readin'?
Published on Mar 15th, 2012
Kidding around: Wiig and Rudolph miss the mark
Published on Mar 15th, 2012
0 comments Friends with Kids Director: Jennifer WestfeldtStarring: Jon Hamm, Kristen Wiig, Maya Rudolph Playing: Downtown~R - 100 min There must be a better reason to have a baby than to provide a plot...
eSuccess: How Jenny Gardiner bypassed the publishers
Published on Mar 14th, 2012
0 comments When we wrote about Jenny Gardiner back in 2008, she'd just published her first book, Sleeping with Ward Cleaver, a chick-lit title that she marketed like mad. For all her efforts, and despite a pair...
Bar talk: Happily-divorced relationship cartoonist tells all
Published on Mar 14th, 2012
0 comments In the middle of a phone interview, Nick Galifianakis suddenly tells a reporter to hold on, and he starts speaking in Greek— to his mom, who's visiting from Greece. Family is ever-present with this...
Alt approach: Sons throw a change-up in Sirens
Published on Mar 14th, 2012
2 comments For a band rooted in tradition, Charlottesville-based alt-country act Sons of Bill have taken an unusual path to their new album and upcoming set of shows. Not only did they change their approach to...
Purple days: Feast! celebrates 10 cheesey years
Published on Mar 13th, 2012
1 comments Since the bold paint was applied in 2002, the shop that has anchored that festive purple palace of cuisine known as the Main Street Market has been increasing its sales and just celebrated its 10th...
American picker: Renaissance man Martin to play Pavilion
Published on Mar 13th, 2012
2 comments Local news outlets seem to have ignored Monday's press release about an impending Charlottesville concert by a musical act called Steve Martin and the Steep Canyon Rangers. It's may not always be big...
Best o' the book fest: May we suggest...?
Published on Mar 13th, 2012
1 comments March means bibliophilia in Charlottesville. That's how much of an institution the Virginia Festival of the Book has become as it readies for its 18th annual book-athon. Whether your interests are...
FunStuff: Charlottesville events March 15 and beyond
Published on Mar 11th, 2012
2 comments Funny stuffTimes may be tough, and gas prices may be high, but that's no reason to stop laughing. This week, Bent Theatre Improv comedy troupe gives you plenty of opportunity to do just that with...
Like a phoenix: AlbCo Fair rebuilds... at Ash Lawn
Published on Mar 9th, 2012
4 comments   Previous story • Storm Survivors: Rebuilding the Albemarle County Fair Plagued by heat, storms, and– most-recently– a season-quashing unavailability of land, the Albemarle County...
Groupenomics II: Companies still profiting from deal craze
Published on Mar 8th, 2012
4 comments About this time last year, the buzz surrounding the group buying craze was frenetic: Half-off food at your favorite restaurant! Up to 75 percent off a spa visit! For some businesses struggling...
Published on Mar 8th, 2012
0 comments In the Bodo's line behind goth musician and former Bella Morte leader Gopal Metro.~Commentator Bill Emory puts up a new photo nearly every day at billemory.com/blog.