Warner crosses the aisle for Obama's AG nominee
Published on Jan 15th, 2009
7 comments Even though he officially retired last Tuesday, former Senator and present Hook cover boy John Warner (R) is still making headlines with his bipartisan streak. Today, he reached across the aisle to...
Bomb threat suspect arrested
Published on Jan 14th, 2009
5 comments Twenty-year-old Anthony Jerod Terry has been arrested for a January 7 bomb threat to the Kroger at Rio Hill, according to an Albemarle County release, which says Terry confessed to the bomb threat...
Police search for missing 22-year-old white male
Published on Jan 13th, 2009
2 comments Charlottesville Police are seeking assistance in searching for missing person Taylor Bramblett, a 22-year-old Charlottesville male last seen December 29 in the area of Jefferson Park Avenue....
Murder accessory gets 4 years
Published on Jan 13th, 2009
0 comments FAMILY PHOTO Justin Marcel "Trigger" Harris gave eyewitness testimony in the December murder trial that convicted Dani Howard's killer, Gary Christopher "G-Money" Johnson, 19. Harris was sentenced...
Wedding video may doom alleged defrauder
Published on Jan 9th, 2009
0 comments Richmond businessman Edward Okun will stand trial in federal court in March on charges that his company, the now defunct 1040 Tax Group, defrauded 577 clients of $152 million, by pocketing their...
Kyle Long, son of Howie, busted for DWI, leaves college
Published on Jan 8th, 2009
92 comments Kyle Long's blood-alcohol content was .02 over the legal limit. He was to be a pitcher for the Florida State Seminoles baseball team. COURTESY OF THE CHARLOTTESVILLE POLICE DEPARTMENT Kyle Long,...
New tussle: Minor sues another auction house over artwork
Published on Dec 29th, 2008
7 comments Seen here at the April groundbreaking of the Landmark Hotel, Internet entrepreneur Halsey Minor also has a lawsuit pending against Sotheby's in a dispute over payment for $16.8 million worth of...
Overturned: Convicted motel wife-killer prevails on appeal
Published on Dec 24th, 2008
5 comments A Charlottesville jury convicted Anthony Dale Crawford of the gruesome 2004 murder of his wife. Anthony Dale Crawford, the Manassas man convicted of capital murder, rape, and abduction in the death...
Miller Center tape reveals Nixon knew of Felt
Published on Dec 19th, 2008
3 comments The world didn't know that FBI associate director W. Mark Felt was the anonymous source known as "Deep Throat" for Washington Post reporter Bob Woodward's coverage of the Watergate scandal until 2005...
Cho's VT writings now online
Published on Dec 19th, 2008
2 comments Hundreds of pages of internal university documents released to the families of the victims of the April 16, 2007 shootings at Virginia Tech are now online. Among the papers posted by the Tech's...
NY Times ranks Virginia 11th most corrupt
Published on Dec 15th, 2008
5 comments After the Senate-seat-selling scandal of Illinois Gov. Rod Blagojevich (D) revived popular claims that the Land of Lincoln is the most corrupt state in the union, on Friday the New York Times took it...
Is Genesis a menace-sis?
Published on Dec 14th, 2008
3 comments The Progress reports that alleged prior DUI offender Genesis Crawford II, a 35-year-old woman residing on Pritchett Lane, may have caused three wrecks on Friday, December 12. (The Newsplex reports...
Courtroom erupts: Howard's family exults in guilty verdict
Published on Dec 12th, 2008
2 comments Dani Howard's brother Michael, left, and mother Debbie Umstadter had waited a long time for a conviction in Dani's death. PHOTO BY LISA PROVENCE By the third time the judge read the word, "guilty,"...
Finally solved? Woman arrested for 1967 double murder
Published on Dec 12th, 2008
4 comments Carolyn Hevener Perry's daughter Ada (left) and widower Danny (center), look join Staunton Commonwealth's Attorney Ray Robertson following the arrest of a 61-year-old woman for murdering Perry (age...
Home invasion: Man tells of terror on Cleveland Ave.
Published on Dec 11th, 2008
6 comments Wyatt warns others to lock their doors. PHOTO BY COURTENEY STUART It was just before sunrise on Saturday morning, December 6, when 84-year-old James Wyatt was awakened in his Cleveland Avenue...
Trial update: Anyone G-Money didn't tell about killing?
Published on Dec 10th, 2008
1 comments The federal court where G-Money is being tried. PHOTO BY LISA PROVENCE In Day Three of the murder trial of Katherine Danielle Howard, five witnesses testified that teen-aged defendant Gary...
Eyewitness testifies G-Money was killer
Published on Dec 9th, 2008
2 comments PHOTO BY LISA PROVENCE Justin "Trigger" Harris sat in the witness box in federal court today wearing prison stripes. He's a convicted felon– and the prosecution's star witness in the 2006...
Dani's day: Murder trial begins with painful photos
Published on Dec 8th, 2008
6 comments Seen here in a family photo, Danielle Howard was only 22 at the time of her death. PHOTO COURTESY OF THE HOWARD FAMILY Nearly three years after Katherine Danielle Howard, 22, was gunned down on a...
Desperate housewife pleads guilty in Augusta
Published on Dec 8th, 2008
4 comments A 27-year-old married woman named Latasha Rexrode got too close to a 14-year-old boy, and now the Verona resident is guilty of unlawful carnal conduct, and she's pregnant (but not by the boy).
Missionary imposition: H'burg evangelist allegedly taped EMUers
Published on Dec 7th, 2008
2 comments A Harrisonburg-based missionary named Andrew Max Eggman Jr. allegedly made covert videos of Eastern Mennonite students having sex, according to the Daily News Record.