Owner pans tonight's proposed bus idling ban
Published on Nov 3rd, 2008
4 comments This publicly owned bus enjoyed a lengthy idle last March while waiting for hockey players. FILE PHOTO BY HAWES SPENCER It's billed as a move for human health and the environment, that City Council...
Circuit City closes in Albemarle Square
Published on Nov 3rd, 2008
11 comments Circuit City stock has lost 95 percent of its value in the last year. CORPORATE LOGO Richmond-based electronics retailer Circuit City announced today that in an effort to liquify its assets to halt...
Carriers canned as Post farms out local delivery
Published on Oct 29th, 2008
15 comments The Washington Post will soon be tossed in your driveway by the Daily Progress. PHOTO BY LISA PROVENCE The Washington Post is selling its local distribution rights to the Daily Progress, leaving...
RE III to close an office
Published on Oct 27th, 2008
3 comments In another sign of the financial turmoil, the biggest area realty firm, Real Estate III, has decided to do some office consolidation, an ardent property blogger reports.
Fast Company does demo job on McDonough
Published on Oct 24th, 2008
17 comments Happy times at Stanford University by UVA's former "Green Dean." PHOTO BY ANDREAS BrŠndhaugen In a recent article in Fast Company magazine, "Green Guru Gone Wrong: William McDonough," staff writer...
UVA loses half a billion, Charlottesville deals
Published on Oct 24th, 2008
8 comments Main Street feels Wall Street's pain, as this building traded hands for a third of its assessed value. PHOTO BY LISA PROVENCE Citizens awoke Friday, October 24, to news that trading was halted on...
Kluge sells Bennigan's, Steak & Ale
Published on Oct 23rd, 2008
2 comments Three months after he shut down two of his biggest chain restaurants, John Kluge will sell the Bennigan's and Steak & Ale brands to private equity firm Atalaya Capital Management. Atalaya...
Small-time 'shiners busted
Published on Oct 21st, 2008
11 comments The Associated Press reports that Stafford County sheriffs arrested three men yesterday for operating an illegal moonshine operation out of their kitchen, each with counts of manufacturing alcohol...
Will Circuit City survive here?
Published on Oct 20th, 2008
11 comments With home-grown Crutchfield to its north and category-killing Best Buy to its south, the Charlottesville outpost of Circuit City may have already struggled to find its consumer electronics niche. Now...
Oil at $70, just as local author predicted
Published on Oct 17th, 2008
4 comments In May, Ronald Bailey, the top science writer for Reason magazine, scoffed at fears of impending "peak oil" and explained why oil prices were destined to fall–- and fall they did.
Edible tries taking a bite out of Flavor
Published on Oct 16th, 2008
32 comments Local publisher Melissa Harris launched Flavor this summer. PHOTO MAGAZINE COVER As local publisher Melissa Harris prepares to launch her second issue of Flavor, the quarterly magazine on local food...
You pump it: Popular full-service station bites dust
Published on Oct 16th, 2008
5 comments Black-hooded pumps were an ominous sign that something was amiss on Ivy Road. PHOTO BY LISA PROVENCE Charlottesville westsiders may have assumed that they'd always have a place that would pump their...
ATO's Radiohead cashed in on once free album
Published on Oct 15th, 2008
0 comments U.K. rockers and ATO Records artist Radiohead finally revealed today that they sold 3 million copies of its album In Rainbows since its official release on January 1. That's not counting the millions...
Blue Ridge Outdoors mag gets Colorado cousin
Published on Oct 10th, 2008
1 comments Blue Ridge Outdoors owner Blake DeMaso says hard times for business are great times for the outdoors. FILE PHOTO BY LINCOLN BARBOUR Times are tough for publications these days. Just ask Creative...
Food Lion celebrates today
Published on Oct 8th, 2008
8 comments The changes at Food Lions throughout Charlottesville have been happening for months, but today's the official unveiling of the new and improved stores, which now boast expanded organic foods and wine...
Dog wash on the move
Published on Oct 8th, 2008
0 comments Lorri Parrott, the Ruckersville-based owner/operator of Waggin Tails, hoists Bailey after scrubbing the pooch in her large mobile dog-washing trailer downtown yesterday. Dog washing appears to be a...
Board member Casteen on Wachovia: 'Talk to them'
Published on Oct 6th, 2008
12 comments UVA president John Casteen has sat on the Wachovia board since 2001. PHOTO BY LINDSAY BARNES On Monday, September 29, the day banking giant Wachovia was in the depths of its monumental stock free-...
Voter deadline looms; Reid's says get out
Published on Oct 6th, 2008
15 comments Obama campaign volunteer Adrienne Ghaly (left) registered voters outside the Lucky 7 on Market Street this morning. Fortunately, Michelle McSherrey was already registered. "I'm voting on November 4...
Bailout passes House, Goode and Goodlatte vote no
Published on Oct 3rd, 2008
28 comments The day after the U.S. Senate passed a revised version of the $700 billion bank bailout package, the House of Representatives voted overwhelmingly to approve the same measure, 263-171, sending it to...
Bailout protestors take to the street
Published on Oct 2nd, 2008
5 comments Peter Kleeman, a well-known pedestrian activist (and former Hook writer), has already begun protesting yesterday's U.S. Senate vote toward a $700 billion financial bail-out package, which both...