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"In art everything is possible, but everything is not necessary.” ― Arvo Pärt Icelandic band goes dark You could count the number of famous music acts to come out of Iceland on one hand– there's Bjork, her band The Sugarcubes, folk group...


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Robinson commented on Ian Record reads at New Dominion
I thought small farmers were eschewing the whole "certified organic" labeling? I know of a lot of small farmers who refuse to certify themselves organic because it is extremely costly and the government keeps weakening the requirements for certification. I prefer to buy local and responsibly/...
kathryn russell commented on Ian Record reads at New Dominion
Having been to Double H numerous times I can attest to the fact that the piggies are there in abundance. Don't know about sheep, but I've seen plenty og goats about doing what they do best-reclaiming the land and cleaning up pastures. Don;t know who Bram is, but doubt that he perused the entire...
Bram commented on Ian Record reads at New Dominion
Having 29 years of farming experience I have this to say: If you are going to be certified organic then you must follow the rules and pay the fees. I don’t care if you’re a big or small farmer, if you don’t you are giving all farmers a bad name. If a farmer can’t afford to pay for certification but...
Citizen commented on Donna Authers reads at New Dominion
Kudos, again, to Collette and Kevin. Like Gen. Haig was want to say, "I am in control, here." The Water Street lot (and CPC, for that matter) is under wraps. Done. Fret not about the future of downtown Charlottesville. "Help is on the way!" Foghorn Leghorn may, acually, reunite for the land...
DedElf commented on Ian Record reads at New Dominion
I thought reporters were supposed to be unbiased with what they wrote... stick to the facts and not let their feelings on the matter slip in... Anyhow... you know you're not supposed to sell 5th graders for sex but you do it anyway. You get caught by the law and you go to jail. You whine about...
Joe G. commented on Honenberger reads at New Dominion
Tom Frederick is Tom Rhetoric from now on. Soon we will be eating from styrofoam plates and drinking bottled water at restaurants like in 2002. But golf courses are still being drenched with millions of gallons of water. Golf is not even a sport, golf is men in ugly pants walking. In 2002 Tom...
K Bourne commented on Ian Record reads at New Dominion
Please visit to learn more on how to help these folks out. KB
Nancy commented on Hemingses scholar Gordon-Reed reads at Monticello
Hello - Where may I purchase a copy of the documentary? I attended 99% of the bands mentioned and/or filmed gigs. What a magical time to grow up, I am still groovin! luv and peace, Nancy Koch Hughitt
Michelle commented on Horrors of war: Jaquith interviews photo-journo Ashley Gilbertson
MC is small time. You won't see him on Oprah any time in the near future, that's for sure.

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