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"In art everything is possible, but everything is not necessary.” ― Arvo Pärt Icelandic band goes dark You could count the number of famous music acts to come out of Iceland on one hand– there's Bjork, her band The Sugarcubes, folk group...


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Dennis J Kampe - NE Ohio commented on Big Read event: Linda Blum discusses setting of Hurston's story
As a voter in the Ohio-10th District , supposedly represented by Kucinich , I can say first hand he : WAS a joke as the boy wonder nearly recalled x-mayor of Cleveland , IS a joke as the Do Nothing Rep ( 1 djk sole sponsor bill passed in his on-going 11 year "reign" ) who has been able to lead NE...
Less is More commented on Big Read event: BIG READ film, starring Halle Berry
There are almost a dozen books which underline Salzman's point that America's affluence is too much of a good thing. The Simplicity Movement itself is based on the concept. Most general interest media, however, who survive through selling ads to marketers who want to convince us we need things,...
Bob Kopelman commented on Big Read event: Lecture by prof Hilary Holladay
I have invented temperature sensing outlets that will prevent outlets from overheating. We just received U.L. Listing and It will be coming out on the market shortly. Most of the fires are caused by a Glowing Connections.If you want to know more give a yell. Bob Kopelman 516 509-4000
Kim Foster commented on Big Read event: Masterpiece Book Group discusses Hurston
Too bad you did not take the opportunity to finish the article. I thought it was a great piece and it like many things beyond our control reflects a great deal of history about the state of Virginia and others alike. Super story and it sure as hell beats reading about Downtown Ch'ville.
Dan1101 commented on Big Read event: Lecture by UVA English professor Lisa Woolfork
These businesses are terrible for doing this to people, and I think the local governments should stand up against them. But what's really distressing to me is that people would willingly sign up for loans like this. People really should take the time to learn a little about financing before...
dman commented on Big Read event: Lecture by UVA English professor Lisa Woolfork
Someone needs to say something about this! IS THIS LEGAL? No wonder why we have the subprime mess we have when lenders USE FAKE DOCUMENTATION to help PUSH the loan through Quickly SO THAT EVERYONE DOWN THE FOOD CHAIN (from loan processor to the loan officer to the...
mark chance commented on Hemingses scholar Gordon-Reed reads at Monticello
Those were special years being able to see Skip at the mineshaft - but as Charlie states above - got married and moved. It would be special to to get a copy of this film if/when it is available or completed. How can I do this?
Dennis commented on Horrors of war: Jaquith interviews photo-journo Ashley Gilbertson
Is this the same Master Charles that used to be "Swami Vivekananda" in the Siddha Yoga group? Oh my gosh ... I'm sorry, I just can't help laughing.
Dean A. Ayers, Director, Animals C.L.U.B.- Freedom commented on Obama to hold JMU rally Tuesday
It is about one year later, going into 2008. WE HAVE NOT FORGOTTEN YOU DANNY and CINDI! This matter is 'permanently' posted at the following link:
Earle Young commented on Hemingses scholar Gordon-Reed reads at Monticello
Jeez, I wish I could see this movie ... I lived at the notorious 1021 Wertland Street house in the '70s and was an every-gig fan of The All-Stars. I went out for live music every night, so I knew all these guys ... even had my own Skip Castro Band name ... Corky Schoonover spent years thinking my...

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