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"In art everything is possible, but everything is not necessary.” ― Arvo Pärt Icelandic band goes dark You could count the number of famous music acts to come out of Iceland on one hand– there's Bjork, her band The Sugarcubes, folk group...


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Betty Mooney commented on Sayeth Grisham: No UVA case connection!
Correction: There should be a " after community at the end of the first paragraph. The second paragraph that most....are my own comments. For a more thorough report read the entire article by googling daily progress airport expansion
uncle sam commented on Sayeth Grisham: No UVA case connection!
don't worry the tree huggers will get their way. they will SPEND 150 million or more of taxpayer money so that the frog and salamanders can be free at last free at last thank green peace we are free at last. dredge the resivoir. It will have to be dredged anyway at some point. Get it over with...
Betty Mooney commented on Sayeth Grisham: No UVA case connection!
It is my understanding from the Daily Progress article "Airport Considers Expansion" Jan. 17th 2008 "An 800-foot extension for the airport’s runway is projected to cost $50 million or more, mostly due to the fill needed to level the ground. Hutchinson said she believes the airport can come up with...
rockinRay commented on Lewis reads from the Virginiad
saw the show and it rocked. hold on I am sure it will continue. Van halen will return to VA and give a rockin great show the fans will be happy. the sound and tunes will be worth the delay.
Kathryn Cascella (Kelley) '84 commented on Hemingses scholar Gordon-Reed reads at Monticello
Would LOVE a copy! How do I get one? Brings back many fun memories of C-ville and Figi Island. Looking forward to my next reunion in '09. Looking forward to hopefully seeing Charlie and Bob Girard again. Kath Phi Mu '84
Reb commented on Ian Record reads at New Dominion
First of all,the term ORGANIC is a word meaning raised by a natural means(Basicly) Second of all now that USDA its sheeple followers,many who pretend to be farmers,have taken control of the word,IT MEANS NOTHING,I and many others refuse to buy anything with that green stamp on it. Third it was the...
dot j commented on Grisham's latest inspired by Charlottesville case
What a silly waste of time enerdy and money! Lets get real and grow up!
Mikey D commented on Grisham's latest inspired by Charlottesville case
What a waste of taxpayer's dollars. First off, look at the Abercrombie arrest. How could they not know that a conviction would be impossible? It seems to me that some one had a personal vendetta against the store. There is no way they would ever see a conviction. Then we have the William and...
Jim McKinley-Oakes commented on Big Read event: Bechtel reads from Roar Of The Heavens: Surviving Hurricane Camille
Please go to to see petition from Friends of Gerry Mitchell

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