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"In art everything is possible, but everything is not necessary.” ― Arvo Pärt Icelandic band goes dark You could count the number of famous music acts to come out of Iceland on one hand– there's Bjork, her band The Sugarcubes, folk group...


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linda commented on Snap o' the Day: Finn's Corner
y know ilove the hook b/c u tell it like it is just me sayin
M Britt commented on Snap o' the Day: Finn's Corner
Bill Finn is an amazing local artist. His prints are very reasonably priced. He will even frame them if you're interested. Check him out online at
Tim Johns commented on Hemingses scholar Gordon-Reed reads at Monticello
I was at the Paramount for the final screening and saw some of the bands perform at the Pav., but need to buy at least one copy of the documentary for a friend who couldn't make it to Charlottesville. What is the easiest way to purchase a copy? Sincerely, Tim Johns
Good idea commented on Big Read event: BIG READ film, starring Halle Berry
Nice post. I'd only add this: whatever happened to recycling? It bugs me to see the junk that is piling up in my basement; but in another day and time it was normal to reuse as much as possible. Remember that jar of old screws and nails on Grandpa's workbench? Or the stack of old-anything in...
Belmonter commented on Should writers avoid the Internet?
I love the part that says: "I don't think Downtown Belmont is a good place for a raucous band or crowd," says Lynch." Hell, I thought thats what Belmont was founded on?? I have a feeling the people that are complaining are not the original Belmonters but the damn yuppies who decided in the past 10...
Janet commented on Book launch party for poet John Casteen
How do I get rid of cicada killers? I've found at least 2 underground nest entries from last year, but so far just see 3 bugs-2 males seem to be trying to mate with a female. Any advice? Thanks!!
Steven Levine commented on Horrors of war: Jaquith interviews photo-journo Ashley Gilbertson
Comes the Dragon, dressed in Robes. Drinking the blood of Christ; he lays distressed, confused. Victims of visionary flight appear before him. Now moaning he confesses. "I made it all up, it just came through me like: Help me I'm a sick perversion of a Guru. Where are my toys, my Magic Blingdom....
Lonnie Mathis commented on MFA Reading Series: Jon Schneider, Megan Fishmann
I was very pleased to read about things that I was afraid to do, I did not realize a fear until I read this article Thank you very much this was inspiring and awesome. I printed it for future refrence.
Steven Levine commented on Horrors of war: Jaquith interviews photo-journo Ashley Gilbertson
Whats the truth behind Channeling Channeling is not part of the Conscious Mind. But rather comes from the Super-Conscious Mind. "Paul Brunton" "The Mystic is to close to his experience, too enthralled with it's wonder. To notice how far he is himself contributing a genuine or even fictitious...

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