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"In art everything is possible, but everything is not necessary.” ― Arvo Pärt Icelandic band goes dark You could count the number of famous music acts to come out of Iceland on one hand– there's Bjork, her band The Sugarcubes, folk group...


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head not in the sand commented on Java Java Downtown: Paintings by Kelly Lonergan
come on - smart people know and realize that KC was on her way out long before talking to the hook. Just gave nbc 29 a different excuse to make the change. All the talk about the drinking and driving of the two newspeople begs to wonder - nothing about the young boy hired in a very short time span(...
Justin commented on C'ville Arts: Jan Crowther's "Form Plus Function"
Guys, I agree that Parkour isn't 80% gymnastics... I don't know where she got that. Plus about it being Belle that was in the Bond movie isn't right, that wasn't me either. I agree that there's not a leader/pack thing going on when we're going on a run. I definitely would love to find anyone else...
Randy, Laura, Rhonda, Danny commented on The future was then: Hideyo Okamura channels El Lissitzky
Congratulations Justin...Come and see us and maybe we can find some berries!! Hope to see you soon, its been a while since we seen you last.
angie mousa commented on WriterHouse: Jennifer Esser's "New Language"
think its an excellant way to give infertile women babies.I am taking keen interest in this & certainly look forward to maybe conceiving this way.
Molly commented on The future was then: Hideyo Okamura channels El Lissitzky
Congrats Justin, You deserve it! Look forward to seeing you on stage:)
Bonnie commented on The Arts Center in Orange: "Hypertufa Trough" workshop
Governor Mark Warner should be a Senator from Virginia when the current Senator John Warner's term expires in 2008. John should retire and younger Democratic Mark Warner would be available to replace him.
TrafficEngineeringstudent commented on UVA Art Museum lunchtime talk discusses Japanese art its permanent collection
Hey Engineer, It does not seem like you have studied your traffic engineering well. Traffic Signals are not designed for so-called 'sneakers', or red-light runners. First, I would like to ask the people here if you have ever run a red light?
James Churchill commented on W&L's Staniar Gallery opens "Dave Anderson: Rough Beauty"
However it is accomplished, the citizens of Charlottesville, its tourists and business people will all benefit from a clean, non-oil using streetcar or, as it is called now, light rail. This will all become more clear as gasoline prices continue their ascent, supply interruptions return, the clean...
YPK21! commented on C'ville Arts: Jan Crowther's "Form Plus Function"
I really don't know who this guy is!! But from a free runner stand point, you r dead wrong there are no leaders and no packs. We are not wolves. The only limits are the ones you mind or body physically cannot do. As post previously by "Chris Levesque, you don't know a lot about Parkour." I live to...

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