Friendliest and beefiest local guide arrives

This week's issue of the Hook is the Annual Manual, the most comprehensive and reader-friendly guide to Charlottesville and Central Virginia. By supplanting our regular weekly issue, the publication gets into the hands of everyone who normally picks up the Hook. There's even an online component called "DiscoverCharlottesville."

But don't worry, during this relatively quiet time of summer, that we've forgotten our main mission. Our award-winning news and arts coverage continues online, and the next regular issue of the Hook hits the stands on Thursday, August 11.–hawes spencer

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I really like the HOOK ! Thanks for the fine work you do. Much
better than the Progress !!!

Page 28- Lawrence Eagleburger died in June 2011.

LeRoi Moore, John Kluge: also died.

Lots of corrections needed to update content.

How'd that happen?

There are many incorrect items this year - As pointed out already, Kluge, Eagleburger and LeRoi Moore are referenced in the present tense, but here's a couple other (only from reviewing the first few pages (I gave up when I realized it would take me all day to find them all)

People in Southside Virginia won't agree with being called southwestern Virginia -- Southside is the southern central part of the state.

The Culbreth Parking Garage at UVA is not really a public garage like the one on Emmet - it is only open to the general public during theater performances at the Culbreth Theater. The first reference to the garage makes it seem like an option at any time, whereas a later reference a few pages later clarifies the situation a little bit.

Its not really accurate to say 'faculty' occupy most of the pavilions on the lawn at UVA. They are mostly deans, who seldom teach. Larry Sabato is the only faculty member living in one, except two younger faculty living in small apartments in Pav 8. The VP for development also lives in one.

The UVA map (borrowed from UVA) has been made useless by the Hook - you've cropped out navigation letters and number (building XX is found at H6) so you can't find buildings from the key. And many of the building numbers (typeset by the Hook) do not correspond to the actual map. It seems like the typeset list corresponds to a different version of the map. Also a few new buildings don't appear, but that's probably UVA's fault - they may not have updated the map yet.

Common on Hook - did you all go on vacation and just reprint last year's version?

Looks like Hawes shot his wad on the waterworks issue and gave this one short shrift. H2O induced myopia?

I see dead people

yet an even bigger mess that usual. instead of putting out this steaming pile, why don't you get the details straight in the weekly paper... what a waste

Yes, it's nice that there's a link to the Food Finder, but that is so out of date. Do you folks even walk down to the Corner once in a while? First Wok and Martha's have been out of business for a long time now.

16 years,

You might want to bother reading the online listings. Descriptions point out that both places are closed, and even tells you what replaced them.

No crossword, the only reason to get the printed copy of the Hook. Lame!

C'mon, McNair...why should I have to click on it to see if it's closed? Why shouldn't it be in the listing like most are? Not helpful to new residents, man.

16 Years (Tears?) and others- for those of you who do not like The Hook, please stop telling us- we get it! Move on to The Daily Regress and see how much play they give you........

Also, the Crozet Music Festival will NOT be at Misty Mountain Campground as advertised in a FULL page ad in your Annual Inaccuracies 2011.