Better movie: 'Jaws' or 'Chinatown'?

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JAWS!!! Hands down. No question. Why? Watch Jaws and go swimming in the ocean at night and tell me you didn't wonder what was swimming underneath you or have any concerns or fears. I'll call you a liar. Who doesn't know the theme music for Jaws too? It's iconic. Sure Bruce (the robotic shark) looks a little phony at times, but that movie is everything a movie should be and has become a cinematic legend.

I don't even know what Chinatown is about...and I'm not even sure I have ever heard of it before now...

Chinatown, hands down - a classic film, fine acting with a great plot. Jaws was enjoyable, but it is like comparing the Monkees to the Beatles.

@ Dave

Considering that both the Beatles and the Monkees were manufactured bands, like every other band in the 60s, your analogy doesn't make much sense.

Chinatown is the better film. Classic storytelling from a completely subjective view. Terrific atmoshphere and great acting. It has a haunting theme and an even more haunting villain. Chinatown is a great FILM, Jaws is an excellent MOVIE. Scary, funny and a classic score as well. It's like comparing apples to oranges as both were very influential. But given the choice, I'd go with Chinatown any day.

Monkees yes, manufactured, but to disparage all the bands from the sixties indicates that you are much younger than I am and don't know much about the great music of the sixties.

how can you even compare the 2 movies? you people are just getting even lazier than usual

At the time Jaws by a mile, today Chinatown

boo you are wrong about the Beatles for one very big point- manufactured bands don't write their own material and retain the publishing rights. It's why Paul McCartney is worth so much $$$ and Davey Jones or Peter Tork not so much. The only rich Monkee is the one whose mom invented white out

Kind of like really good potato chips versus a loaded baked potato
Hey how about Lee Danielson vs pat kluge?

Read this multi-part series by author Dave McGowan if you have the time and the inclination:

"Inside The LC: The Strange but Mostly True Story of Laurel Canyon and the Birth of the Hippie Generation"

Granted, it doesn't cover the Beatles since they were part of the British invasion and not connected to Laurel Canyon, but if you have an interest in 60s music you should definitely find this a fascinating read, since he covers pretty much every American band that was happening during the mid to late 60s. (including the Monkees! ;D )

Whoops, forgot to mention that my previous comment was directed at "dave."

Are you really basing your assement of 1960s music on an article / blog from "The Center for an Informed America" ??? I admit that I couldn't get too far into the article as I personally find that the whole conspiracy thing is a little far fetched ( no, not far fetched - nuts). I just find it facinating that you would even bring it up.

Another stupid Hook question born of laziness and creative bankruptcy.

Which do you prefer? Apples? Or...peaches!? Perhaps oranges?

Are Chevy's better than Fords?

Is Jaws 2 better than The Two Jakes? Eh?

There is unquestionably something in the Charlottesville water supply dragging down IQs. Keep it up, Hook. You're on the road to irrelevancy.

Jealous ? The Hook won the top Virginia Press Association Award in 2009 for their series about the water scandal. Too bad integrity doesn't count for much in this matter.

"The Hook of Charlottesville won the Award for Journalistic Integrity and Community Service for its reporting on the South Fork Rivanna Reservoir proposal."

Actually, I prefer bananas, and BMW s, and think that they should have stopped after Jaws. Some of us actually talk about this kind of thing with our friends over a beer or glass of wine - we would probably not be smart enough to have a conversation with you.

Choosing between two of my favorite films too stressful. Head might explode.

Yes- but only because "you can't handle the truth!"

@ Writer: "Jealous ?"

...The point that was being made evidently sailed over your head at 32,000 feet.

@ dave: "we would probably not be smart enough to have a conversation with you."

...Yes, that is obvious from your post.