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Now flush with money, the Rivanna Water and Sewer Authority is spinning figures to back its pro-dam position even as new reports suggest dredging would provide ample water for decades without taking on enormous debt. Will new revelations about the potentially corrupting affect of Nature Conservancy money and about unsettling connections betwee the main water players finally convince local lawmakers to stand up for the community?

One month after an Albemarle County woman reported getting abducted from her home and taken at gunpoint to the Blue Ridge Parkway in North Carolina, law enforcement is keeping mum about her alleged kidnapper and any further details about her plight. Is there a continued threat to the community?

Redone ranch
The owner of this Fifeville ranch on Cherry Ave turned a basic 1950s home into a light-filled gem with all the modern touches today's picky buyers expect.

Postal, gone
With the U.S. Postal Service attempting to close the Free Union office, Janis Jaquith offers an impassioned plea for its survival and a reminder of all the ways we– even in our electronic world– still need the quaint convenience of snail mail.

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As usual, the Hook's biased cheerleading on the water issue makes Fox News look "fair and balanced".

@ Chuck I am fascinated by those who are criticizing the Hook coverage of this issue, but no one ever mentions a single fact that they don't agree with. Please be specific I am interested in the other side, but need some details.

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