Correction: Wrong crossword clues

As many have noticed, we ran the across clues twice in the July 21 crossword. Here are the correct down clues:

1 Agree
2 First name in mystery authors
3 "Love Is a Wonderful Thing" singer Michael
4 Mimic
5 Auction section
6 "Hey, over here!"
7 Take ___ in the dark
8 Actress Kaley ___ of "The Big Bang Theory"
9 "...sure plays ___ pinball"
10 Sports announcer Scully
11 Question asked many times in "Marathon Man"
12 "Reversal of Fortune" family name
13 Wreath-like garlands
18 Back muscles
22 Non-solid state: abbr.
25 Taco ___
26 Stomach trouble
27 Quite
31 Possess, to a Scotsman
32 ___ Khan
33 Birth control option
34 ___ World Peace (Ron Artest's newly-proposed name)
36 Talk smack about
37 Image worship
38 Greek wrap
39 Anorak, e.g.
40 Didn't attract attention
43 Traditional Japanese drama
45 Tall tale
46 They're playing to the camera
47 Lying on one's back
49 Pelvic floor exercise
50 "Fame" actress Cara
51 Egg holders
52 Astronaut's outerwear
56 Lay's competitor to Pringles
58 "___ in 'zebra'"
60 Shooting org.
61 "Hill Street Blues" rank: abbr.
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These are still wrong. The numbers don't match up with the grid.

@Patrick: Nothing worse than an incorrect correction. That's embarrassing. Thanks for pointing it out, and they're right now.--Courteney Stuart

I thought it was fun figuring it out with just the across clues.

Seemed like a political playbook for a while there..........

1 across: Donkey
2 across: A Pit

I've never seen a paper, a weekely at that, make so many crossword mistakes.

The Hook has a crossword?

look for the Annual Blooper Edition, coming soon