Good cause: Law students host benefit

“Rape is a crime of power, and can leave its victim feeling helpless and out-of-control,” says first-year law student Nick Lewin, founder of the Rape Crisis Advocacy Project. Now run entirely by law students, the group has 80 members who have volunteered more than 550 hours of pro bono legal work. Their main goal is to ease the hearings, depositions, and medical examinations rape victims often have to endure to bring a perpetrator to justice.
To introduce RCAP to the community, on October 28 Sation restaurant will host an interactive exhibit of art, music, and poetry. The band Inner Space will perform, and art from three UVA law students will be on display: Alba-Justina Fershleiser (acrylics), Tigerron Wells (pencil), and Marta Sanchez (oils and acrylics).
Throughout the evening, Beth Anderson, Samantha Raheem Thornhill, and Adrian Guy will read poetry, some of which deals with sexual assault and violence against women. The Project feels that these artistic endeavors reach to the heart of issues. Many survivors are able to find healing through these creative means.
Being new to the community, RCAP hopes to raise awareness of its mission but also to be known as a resource for victims and as a group that is dedicated and determined to empower survivors with legal options for dealing with sexual assault. Lewin explains, “Our goal is to help them find justice.” More power to them.
Rape is a heinous crime with repercussions that often last a lifetime. Luxuries we take for granted in civilized society such as safety, security, and freedom are jeopardized when they are taken from just one person. When women can no longer feel secure hiking in the woods alone or going to the grocery store at night or even during the day, all citizens’ lives are diminished. So, if a night on the town is what you need and the requirements involve good food, art, music, and some excellent company, then roll them all into one with an interactive night that also promotes a worthwhile cause.

The Interactive Art Exhibit to benefit the Rape Crisis Advocacy Project will be on Monday, October 28, from 6:30-11pm at Station restaurant 420 W. Main St. $5 in advance, $6 at door. For more information call 977-4622 or email