Grand scale: Dance combines many arts

Grab your dancing shoes and head over to the McGuffey Art Center on Friday afternoon in time to join the “Dance Technique Class” which is a prelude to a performance by the Arlington-based Jane Franklin Dance Company. Committed to the philosophy that dance can be a natural expression of ordinary experience, the troupe features highly skilled dancers and invited performers on a per-project basis. The Miki Liszt Dance Company and the Virginia Commission for the Arts are sponsors of the event.
Jane Franklin Dance choreography often combines movement with live music, poetry, and original art. “On a Grand Scale,” the piece the company will perform after the class, is from a dance work inspired by Virginia locations, both rural and urban.
Photographer Ray Gniewek captures the landscape of high rises in Crystal City and the vastness of National Airport. A video collage of stills are on a "Grand Scale,” and dancers find their way in sections entitled “Walk,” “Drink,” “Call,” and “Ride.”
Focusing on the landscape nearer to home, the company also explores the orchards near Charlottesville that include a vast amount of sky and land.
“The orchards have a similar organization to the Crystal City crosswalk/high rise model of vertical lines, but somehow plants find their own way, even if they are placed in a row. And people find their own way too, even in defined traffic flow, defying the implied controls,” Franklin says, describing the piece.
Franklin is noted as a choreographer for her sense of humor. “Her dances have fascinating, precise, complex structures, and she's a first rate comedienne,” says a reviewer in the Boulder Daily Camera.
Franklin has a M.F.A. from Ohio State University and has garnered numerous awards for her work, including a nomination for the Virginia Governors Award for Excellence in the Arts in 2000 and the 2002 Metro DC Dance Awards for Outstanding Artistic Direction and for Outstanding Overall Production in Concert Dance.
The Company works closely with community organizations to make dance accessible to a wide range of audiences through community-based projects, educational outreach, collaborations with artists from other disciplines, and performance events. Don’t miss the opportunity to participate in one of their workshops and see them in action.

Jane Franklin Dance will perform at the McGuffey Art Center on Friday evening, October 4, at 7pm. The Dance Technique Class will be held before the performance at 5pm. McGuffey Art Center, 201 2nd St NW, Studio #20. For tickets, class fees, and information, call 973-3744.