Unexplained outage darkens downtown

The early screening of Super 8 at the Regal Downtown 6 had just finished the spectacular Spielbergian train crash, with frightened teens assessing its damage, when the screen went dark– as did much of the Downtown Mall.

About 10,100 customers lost their power at 7:11pm Wednesday, July 20 when equipment at a substation failed, says Dominion Virginia Power spokesman Karl Neddenien. Some customers were restored within one minute; for others, it took an hour and seven minutes.

By 8:18pm, all the lights were back on, but the cause of the failure of the substation on the Route 250 bypass just north of I-64 is unknown. "The exact cause of the equipment failure is being evaluated," says Neddenien.

As for Thursday's projected 100-degree temperatures, says Nedennien, "We're confident we'll have adequate electricity to satisfy customer demand."

They did.




Get with it: in terms of infrastructure, we're fast on our way to becoming what was once called a third-word county. Just look at generator sales, cellphone sales, and so on.

Unexplained? Still trying to figure it out? Gimme an f'ing break..............

Reports of Dominion service employess at Lowes buying 40 oz. hammers Wed at 7:30 PM. Later heard was, "stupid piece of &*^%$!" BANG! BANG! This %$@* thing wont work! BANG! BANG! You *#$%%^ generator! BANG! BANG! Whiiirrrr!!! Lights On Joe, Im going home!!

Thomas Jefferson just stopped spinning in his grave for a second causing the turbines to stall.