The Sal Show

Call Sal Milione a busy man. He's recently taken the production helm for the monthly showcase of local singer/musicians, Acoustic Charlottesville [Tunes, “Live Arts Hosts Acoustic Show,” September 5]. He heads a recording studio in Ruckersville. And now he's reprising his role as the star of his one-man play (of sorts), In Your Dreams, a.k.a. The Sal Show, when it opens this weekend as the first staged piece in the new season at the Live Arts LAB Space.
The Sal Show premiered last December, and apparently things went so well that time around that Milione is bringing the show back for a second shot at filling the small and intimate black box theater. He calls the performance a "multimedia self-portrait involving acting, music, and art."
Milione, originally from Staten Island, has lived in Charlottesville for 16 years and currently owns Milestone Recording. In The Sal Show, he showcases a wide variety of musical influences, including folk-rock, blues, contemporary folk, modern rock, country, and neo-classical.
Here's how it works: the audience arrives early, say, 7-ish, and sips wine and views what is ostensibly an exhibit of a dozen of Milione's paintings. Close to 8-ish, everyone is invited into the theater for the show that draws on the themes of the paintings and shuffles back and forth between time periods. In one scene Milione is a 10-year-old boy learning to play guitar. In another, he's "adult Sal," contemplating his artistic future.
Like one of the songs in the show, “Thoughts,” Milione says he views the play as a concoction. “I’d describe both the song and the play as a spiraling fudge swirl of right-brained abstractions… spoken out loud." Trek through past, present, and future as Milione takes you on what he hopes is a comic and thoughtful trip through his many adventures, artistic and otherwise.

The Sal Show plays September 18-22 and 25-29 at the Live Arts LAB Space, 609 E. Market St. Wednesday-Saturday at 8pm, Sunday at 2pm. Doors open an hour before the show begins. $7 at the door. 985-4742.

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