Take a chance: Live Arts hosts acoustic show

I've got something to admit, but you can't tell anyone. I've not actually heard any of the bands playing at this week’s previewed show. But before you call for my immediate removal from the esteemed Hook writer pool, let me say this– presenting unfamiliar local acts, many without any published recordings to speak of, is the central point of the now seven-years running Acoustic Charlottesville.
Started by local musicians in 1997, Acoustic Charlottesville has been providing a space for the Charlottesville songwriters to come out and show their wares. The artists perform on the first Saturday of every month from September to December– a mixture of big name locals and new kids on the block. Sal Milione has taken over as producer of AC and is actually one of the artists performing at the October 5 show.
Milione explained, "We implicitly recruit new acts by saying, 'Hey... you don't need a professional recording for Acoustic Charlottesville to consider you. Just play song of your songs well, into a boom box if you have to... and send it to us.'" Not quite what a person who is paid to analyze music and then tell you, the reader, what shows to check out in town, likes to hear.
Acoustic Charlottesville received two demos from artists performing at next Saturday's show, but these were requested and given for solely "Acoustic Charlottesville hears." Acoustic Charlottesville believes this policy "gives the opportunity for great players to perform at a great venue without necessarily having a professional recording. The audience ends up getting new and diverse performers," which Acoustic Charlottesville considers a key component into what makes the showcase a success.
This month's shows performers are Josh Mayo– giving us some "pop/rock" stylings ( of the local rock act Paul Goes Richter), Blue O'Connell– a songwriter of "intelligent and spiritually acoustic songs," Sara Reed and Rob Greenway, past members of the group "Roaring Mary," playing some Irish traditional music, and Donald Aielli, performing songs that blend "contemporary jazz, blues, folk, classical and Spanish rhythms."
Sometimes you gotta take a leap of faith when deciding what to do with your Saturday night, such as checking out a band merely because they have a cool name, or because you respect the booker of the club in question. With a six-year track record behind it, odds are the shows that make up the seventh year of Acoustic Charlottesville will expose us to at least one or two local stars of the future, as well as providing an eclectic experience for your a few of your Saturday nights.

Acoustic Charlottesville presents Josh Mayo, Blue O'Connell, Sara Read and Rob Greenway, and Donald Aielli at Live Arts Space LAB on Sepetember 7. $5, 8pm.

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