Rail story should've scolded feds for missed opp at Dulles

Your article [June 23 cover story: "Riding the rails: It's the only way to fly"] was interesting– partly because of the information it provided and partly because it took no stand on the fight about Metro access to Dulles airport.

I am dismayed that so many officials in Virginia, and including the Washington Post, are opposed to building an underground Metro station at Dulles. America's reputation as a nation of cheapskates is only enhanced by this position. Yes, there is a substantial additional cost, but we will get only one chance to do this right. This station will be around for at least a hundred years.

Right now, while National Airport has Metro service, one has to get on/off/wait for a Metro ride about 50 feet off the ground. There is no protection from the elements. Then one has to walk 100 yards to an esclator– which might be out of service. One cannot imagine the irritation the traveller has there.

If the U.S.A. considers itself the great superpower, then it should act like it. Since Dulles and National Airports are the only two in America owned by the federal government, it should foot the bill for the construction. First rate airports require first-rate access. Build the underground Metro station.

Don Neuland