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Primary primer
With the Democratic primary for City Council (and Clerk of Court) just weeks away, it's time to meet the candidates and find out just what they'd do if voted into office. Will progressives trump traditionalists, or do such categories even exist? And why does one candidate claim he's being forced out of the race?

Pumped up
After several years vacant, Patricia Kluge's ill-fated Fuel gas station, convenience store and upscale restaurant space may soon reopen after selling at auction to a low-profile businessman with some secret plans.

Batesville reopening?
When the Health Department swooped in and shut down the Batesville store last month for illegally operating as a restaurant, community outrage soared. Now comes word of a possible return. Is it true?

Family matters
If you're the heir apparent to a family business, you may want to think twice before accepting the mantle, says Penelope Trunk, or risk finding yourself old, gray and full of regrets.

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