Sky's the limit: One rock at a time

Spending time outside these days makes sense only if the spot you pick has plenty of shade and you have plenty of sunscreen and swimming options. So many heat advisories have been in effect on and off these past several months that folks without air-conditioning have begun to question their sanity.
But it is possible to engage in outdoor activities and still remain conscious: the cool interior of ACAC Rocks simulates an adventure that is as close to the real thing as you can get.
Without the danger (although also without the scenery) ACAC Rocks has brought the outdoors in and up. The new three-story climbing wall– with overhangs that require climbing upside down, just like real rock faces— provides an almost-authentic experience.
Training sessions last for six weeks with qualified climbing instructors and include a two-month short-term membership at ACAC Fitness and Wellness Centers. A climax to the training involves a group climb (with zip line) at an outdoor sitfollowed by a celebration. (From personal experience, these outdoor gatherings can be incentive enough for taking the rock climbing challenge.)
As well as offering training sessions in climbing, Outdoor Adventure leader Kyle Hanson and his team guide participants in skydiving, mountain biking, scuba diving, walking, and training for 10-milers through his six-week program. With this much advance preparation, you’ll be ready by fall to hit the rocks, the water, or whatever, with your newly developed skills and confidence.
If attitude is what makes the difference between success and the rest, then Hanson’s enthusiasm for what he does should inspire the most devout air-conditioned couch potatoes to get up and add rappelling and bouldering to their vocabulary. Discover programs provide a short-term, fun way for non-members to “try-out” the ACAC facility.
Whether you’re a novice or a slightly experienced outdoorsman, ACAC Rocks can give you a leg-up to expand your skills as well as increase your confidence, stamina, and agility.

ACAC Rocks is located at 629/2 Berkmar Circle and is open Monday through Friday 4:30-8:30pm and Saturdays and Sundays 9:30am-5:30pm. Prices vary according to the offerings; equipment is available for rent on-site. For more information call 817-3800 or check out

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