Camp naked: Swim, dance, volley in the nude

Alternative lifestyles (as well as newspapers) have become so well assimilated into our culture that they barely raise eyebrows anymore. It seems there’s a community ready and willing to embrace every taste in the unusual, every outcast or renegade.
Clothing and hairstyles have been the popular choices of social rebellion, as any Friday evening on the Downtown Mall can attest. Mohawks and multiple piercings barely register on anyone’s shock radar anymore. So what’s one to do for a little healthful variety?
Enter White Tail Park, a totally clothes-free campground. Touting this experience as the natural alternative to stress, they welcome anyone willing to stand tall and naked amid everyday conventions. (Amid in the figurative sense, at least.) They offer all the usual campground fare such as paddle tennis, volleyball, swimming, Friday evening socials, and dances (which is the only event that remains clothing optional). Campers can also enjoy karaoke/game nights, potluck dinners, and a large outdoor chessboard.
There appears to be something for everyone here. Ongoing events include a computer club, golf cart rodeo, Saturday singles, and Adam and Eve Fellowship Sundays, an informal worship for all faiths. But if relaxing motivates you, there are multiple swimming choices, a hot tub, and sunbathing the “natural” way. Clothing, towels, and body coverings other than head and footwear are worn only when there is a good, common-sense reason to do so, such as weather, health, sunburn, or room temperature. Wearing bathing suits, lingerie, and underwear as outerwear is not permitted anywhere on the grounds.
The guidelines for conduct leave no stone unturned. Intimate contact and suggestive behavior as well as any displays of vulgarity, profanity, or obscenity result in immediate expulsion from the grounds. An unwritten code of decent behavior helps this campground remain a friendly place.
Returning campers refer to it as “one big family” and help keep it the southeast’s premier clothes-free resort. Like other “alternative” lifestyles, nudist colonies rarely cause much trouble, although the days when nudists can assimilate into everyday life are probably not just around the corner.

White Tail Park is located at 39033 White Tail Drive, Ivor, 23866, about 30 miles south of Richmond. Family/couple rates for a day pass which is from time of arrival to midnight is $35, and for a single $25. Memberships and weeklong camping passes are also available. For more information check out the website or call 757-859-6123.

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