Powersaver: LEAP announces $10K energy makeover contest

The Local Energy Alliance Program (LEAP) and UVA Community Credit Union have launched another makeover contest, and this one could win you $10,000 toward making your home more energy efficient. In addition, a second lucky homeowner will win $5,000, and two others will win $2,500 each. Plus, there's something different with the contest this year. Once winners are announced, contractors will bid for the chance to do the home makeover work, and the one that offers the best value will be selected. In fact, LEAP has a video you can watch showing contractors strutting their stuff.

"The twist in this year’s contest is what we’re calling the ‘smackdown,’ a friendly competition among local contractors to win the right to do the home makeover work,” said Cynthia Adams, executive director of LEAP, a non-profit that was created in a City/County partnership last year. “These local contractors will go head-to-head to give the winning homeowners the biggest bang for their free bucks.”

The prize will cover things like air and duct sealing, adding insulation, and the maintenance or upgrading of heating and cooling equipment. LEAP promises the winners will get at least a 15 percent gain in energy efficiency. Ten finalists will also receive a professional Home Energy Assessment.

The deadline for the contest is August 19, and you can sign-up online at powersavermakeover.org or call LEAP at 434-227-4666.