Sexually offended: Grabber gets 8 months

The man who reached under a woman's skirt and grabbed her genitalia outside Club 216 last fall was sentenced to eight months in jail.

Antoine Rashard Anderson, 29, was found guilty of sexual battery, a misdemeanor, May 31 after Charlottesville Circuit Court Judge Edward Hogshire rejected a charge of attempted object penetration, a Class 4 felony.

On July 7, he received a 12-month sentence with four months suspended. Anderson also was found guilty of public drunkenness, and ordered to not consume alcohol for a year.

"I was pretty happy with that," says the victim, Caitlin Mahoney, 24. "I was expecting something like three months."

Mahoney was outraged that such an intimate assault was a misdemeanor, and says she's talked to state legislators about changing the statute on sexual battery, which she believes is outdated.

"You can molest someone and not be on the sexual offender registry," says Mahoney. "That doesn't make sense to me."

She calls Anderson's behavior "outrageous," and thinks such attacks are a serious problem in Charlottesville.

And since the attack, "things have changed for me in a bad way," says Mahoney. "I'm not comfortable out in public alone– even though I wasn't alone that night."

"We felt this case warranted treatment as a felony," says prosecutor Matthew Quatrara.

"Misdemeanor sexual batteries are among the most serious cases we see and are treated the most seriously because they are personal crimes," says Quatrara. "People are traumatized."


I thought they were gonna try to stop being so flippant.

She would not have a problem if he was her type or was attracted to him

Raising the bar for stupidity pretty high there, Hooked.

Why on earth would she be attracted to a crotch grabber anyway?

I originally said.... "The defendant will be sentenced to his 12 months in jail, with about 10 months of it being suspended. On the other hand, if the judge wants to send a stern warning to the community, he might impose the entire 12 months with none suspended."

12 months with four suspended, close enough. I am glad Judge Hogshire decided to send a warning to the community that this is not acceptable behavoir in this community.

Having said the above..... men and women have different standards for whatever reason(s). If this had been an attractive girl grabbing a guy, the guy would most likely enjoy it and not have called the cop shoppe. The guy would choose between accepting this "invitation" or decling it. It wouldn't involve all the drama of a cop shoppe report, criminal charges, and a public trial.

Another off-the-wall observation of mine recently is wondering where all these attractive female teachers soliciting sex from students where when I was in school. The last thing I would have been doing was calling the cop shoppe. Oh well........ :)

sorry, typos above ----

I meant "behavior" and "declining"

"Having said the above...If this had been an attractive girl grabbing a guy..."

You're headed in the right direction, but you'll have to do better to catch up to Hooked.

If she screamed "NO" , which more then likely she said as soon as the incident occured, then the weirdo should have been charged with attempted rape, and in that case lock up the freak and throw away the key

I think dsp just outdid both Hooked and myself.

Attempted rape for touching somebody?

Again, I don't know the full details...if Caitlin was attracted to him she would have not cared. Since she wasn't attracted to Antoine, she felt violated.

Was that wrong? Should I not have done that? If I knew that that sort of thing was frowned upon.

What would you do if this guy did that to your wife? I wouldn't have called the cops, he would have after I beat the bigeezies out of em'.

So next time I pinch the waitress at the Waffle House on the behind, does that mean I will be serving time? What is this world coming to? I work construction for a living,and don't have time for all this PC stuff.

excuse me, you guys don't remember the story, the perv , reached up her skirt from behind and grabbed her crotch.. If you don't think thats criminal, then shame on all of you

@ HaleyClarice29

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To "Doyle Hargrave": I fail to see what working construction has to do with it unless that comment was to prove you aren't some bored kid trolling for fun. By the way, the Sling Blade character is "Doyle Hargraves," so next time you claim to be someone when you're trying to amuse yourself, at least spell it correctly. Lends credibility to get "your name" right.

"excuse me, you guys don't remember the story, the perv , reached up her skirt from behind and grabbed her crotch.."

sounds like any given saturday night at club 216

Guys, think about what you are writing! She was leaving a bar and this guy, a total stranger, sticks his hand up her skirt and grabs her crotch and you are not outraged? How is this possible? Do you consider this to be an appropriate first contact with a potential partner? Do you not agree that in 2011 a woman should be allowed to walk in and out of a bar without molestation or do you think we should all be home darning your socks?! Actually don't answer that, the responses would probably depress me more than the current postings have already.

I know what Xena would have done,
Always loved the scenes where'd she be in some tavern or something and some lout starts pawing her.

Hook Reader, I prefer to answer anyway.

Nobody is denying this should not have happened. But it does not warrant a ten year prison sentence, it doesn't warrant a rape charge being placed, and it certainly doesn't warrant a life sentence without parole or a death sentence.

What is the solution? Exactly what the judge did, 12 months in jail with 4 suspended. If the defendant commits a similar crime in the future the judge then has to deal with it in a rational manner as well.

The same judge gave another rapist two years.

Not saying this guy's a rapist, just that the judge goes easy on rapists.

I was initially horrified on the first story about this incident . After looking at videos of the activities in that club it is clear the crotch grabbing is the norm and all genders grab crotches indiscriminately . The females particularly enjoy their crotch being grabbed by males and females alike and their appears to be a competition on who can get their crotch grabbed the most often while protraying the expression of enjoyment . It is very uncivilized animalistic debased behaviour .Anyone who looks into such a place and is stupid enough to enter is essentially asking to be treated in a similiar manner . Anyone being crotch grabbed by Antione or similiar low life on leaving the so called club would most likely be mainly pissed off at being grabbed while they had a very sore crotch .

Local man lands job with TSA

I've always said the same thing, Fred. They had to hire so many TSA employees so quickly that I think they have a lot of closet perverts amongst them. People who enjoy feeling up and down others bodies. I have no intentions of flying anywhere while this stupid security is in place. Billions of dollars in this new security, and a girl boarded a plane in Richmond the other day with a knife. I guess the government would call this money well spent.

Actually I think an attempted rape charge would be a little much. I would however back a good public flogging in front of City Hall for such behavior and then the 8 months.

Hey "Possibly", I will have to check out that movie sometime. I assume you live in your mother's basement, like most of the "experts" that comment here so maybe I can come over and watch it with you sometime if it is ok with your mom. Tonight I am calling the band to come over, but maybe this weekend we can get together.

in a venue like that, well, a butt grab is pretty much inevitable and you need to be ready to deal with it ...but under skirts and grabbing crotches is just TOTALLY OUT OF LINE, and if digits were trying to intrude themselves as opposed to "just" grabbing, the attempted object penetration is a correct (if unproveable) charge. and the "we're friends, right?" weasel out attempt is just creepy and lame.

inventing a category of sexual offense for under-clothing-crotch=grabbing and making them register as sex offenders might not be such a bad idea. some girls grab too and not all guys like that...maybe the "grabby" people could all look each other up on the registry, grab each other, and stop annoying and alarming the rest of the populace.

i realy need to go to sleep now...i'm getting silly...

What we really need is some sort of private club where people would know before they go in that that kind of thing is likely to happen once in a while. Maybe they could provide bouncers to give a little corrective action to keep jerks in line. You know some sort of place where people have simulated sex on the dance floor, drink and do drugs, make out in the corners and can hook up for casual sex. If only such a place existed then people who are wannabees could be informed about the risks of this type of thing and go elswhere. After all we wouldn't want someone traumatized for life for getting their butt grabbed in front of a bunch of people and an off duty cop. Imagine the horror. Its probably at least 10% as scary as having it happen in a dark alley when you are all alone and no one around to help.

If ony some kind of place like that existed...

(disclaimer: I know this will upset a lot of people but I don't care. If getting your butt grabbed in front of a lot of people and an off duty cop tramatizes you then you need to go have a discussion wih your parents about why they didn't raise you better. )

The judge got it right.

@ bill marshall...You're a pig. There is NO excuse for this sort of behavior. To say that somehow the victim should've taken it with a better attitude is disgusting.

I can't imagine someone with your views on the opposite sex would be married, but I wonder how you would feel if it was your wife...or your mother, who raised you to be such an empathetic man. I'm relieved to know that you don't represent us all. Go back to your cave Bill.

well, my wife and my mother would not gp to club 216. If they did and he did I would hope that the bouncer would send him out is such a way as to teach him a lesson.

The place is a partyfest and what happened to her goes on every single week. We would need to build a new jail for that one club alone.

The guy broke the law, the judge gave him a sentence that was fair and there is no need to change the law. Adults need to be a little less sensitive to the realities of life. There are soldiers in the war zones who could get shot protecting her right to be a little snowflake in a slut outfit. The least she could do is not waste taxpayer money prosecutuing a guy when he should have just been put out forcefully on his butt.

If that traumatizes her then what would it do to her if she rode the New York subway after 10 pm?

I guess some of you think she is now so traumatized she cannot anttend any frat parties but the reality is that they would have scarred her for life since WORSE things go on there all the time.

Traumatized? That is just sad.

"There are soldiers in the war zones who could get shot protecting her right to be a little snowflake in a slut outfit. The least she could do is not waste taxpayer money prosecutuing a guy when he should have just been put out forcefully on his butt"

You're a pig! I don't need to validate that statement, you've done a splendid job. You should be ashamed of yourself, Bill.

Yes I am a pig.

I believe that if you don't want to look like a kkk member you should avoid wearing sheets.

I belive that if you don't want to be presumed to be a slut then don't wear the uniform.

If you don't want to get hit by a baseball don't sit in the seats where the foul balls land.

I would be happy to defend anyone I was with who got grabbed, but I also am such a pig that I would tell her the old adage that if you cannot stand the heat stay out of the kitchen.

When she makes a big deal about this type of action it belittles women who are victims of real crimes. Ifwe listed every guy that grabbed a butt onn the registry we would overload the system. We also would have half of the male graduates of UVA on the list.

Your comments are pathetic and I won't dignify your position with an argument any longer.

A little late but we have a serious new challenger!

Why was her real name used in the article?

Deleted by moderator.

As the victim myself, FUCK any of you who think I wouldn't have been offended if I was attracted to Mr. Anderson. Even if he was an extraordinarily attractive man, I would not have wanted ANYONE touching me in public without an invitation. WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU?! It wasn't his looks that pissed me off, it's the fact that he snuck up behind me and VIOLATED ME. That has nothing to do with physical attractiveness, you disgusting excuses for human beings. Go climb back to the rock under which you must live, scumbags.

Furthermore, it is NEVER ok to sexually violate anyone, anywhere, at any point in time. Period. It's the law for a reason. The fact happens to be that the current statute does not handle these sorts of cases in an appropriate manner, which is why I would like to change it. First of all, vagina-grabbing DOES NOT happen all of the time, and what kind of world are we living in where that is "ok" and I should just "adjust my attitude" about it?! Bill Marshall, you disgust me along with anyone who holds your Cro-Magnon ideals. Since when is it acceptable for a person to be sexually molested on the street? Let's get it straight, I was hanging out with my girlfriends at the club where NOTHING untoward happened, but when I left and was on the sidewalk, some douchebag attacked me. It didn't happen in the club, and he did not do it because he thought it was acceptable behavior in the club. He did it because he's a drunk, misogynistic moron (not unlike you, Bill Marshall). Furthermore, sexually violent or deviant behavior is not acceptable in any venue, especially frat parties. And when I was in school, yes, I did go to frat parties, and by and large MOST of them do not accept the type of disgusting behavior that you describe as acceptable. Finally, I was a waitress for 4 years and if/when someone pinched my butt, I would get my manager, a bouncer, and the police involved. That shit is NOT cool, and I hope the next time you engage in that behavior, you find yourself in cuffs, pervert.

Oh and I'm not done. I am a victim of REAL crimes. Not only this instance, but also when I was raped in college. I just have the chutzpah to actually pursue justice where it is due, unlike so many victims who are too confused, scared, embarrassed, humiliated, traumatized, and in denial over the crimes that have been perpetrated against them. ANY type of sexual violation deserves criminal punishment, and how do you think rape starts? Just one day out of the blue someone does it? NO, it's a sliding scale of disgusting acts, and it takes strong people like me to demand that ALL sexual crimes STOP NOW. I pity any woman close to you for your pathetic, disgusting, ignorant viewpoints.

Oh and as someone who has never been a victim, but clearly a victimizer, please tell me more about how female victims feel. You clearly understand us so well, imbecile.

Caitlin, bravo to you for your willingness to speak out. A very similar thing happened to me on the UVA corner back in the 80s. I was a retail clerk working one evening about 9pm, and walked over to the ATM next to Lucky Seven. While standing there, a drunken student came up behind me and jammed his hand under my skirt and into my crotch. I whirled around and threw a punch, but missed. He just staggered off laughing. I ran back to work and called the police. They just did the "drunk boys will be boys" schtick, and warned me that it would hard to prove. Any guy that would walk up to a complete stranger and try to stick his hand in her underwear-- regardless of whether it happens at an ATM or outside of a club-- is a sexual predator. Sexual predators have a high recidivism rate.

Any of the posters on here mocking Caitlin and other victims need a sharp kick to the testicles to wise them up. Then go tell your wives, mothers and daughters what gutless jackasses you are.

@ Caitlin...Good for you! You should NEVER have had to come on here with these knuckle draggers and defend your right to walk unmolested from any venue. Misogynistic doesn't begin to describe these attitudes.

Let 'em have it Caitlin!

Good for you Caitlin! Let 'em have it!