David Toscano

After 12 years on City Council, including a stint as mayor, David Toscano is ready to ride into the sunset. Yeah, right.
One place you won’t find Toscano on July 1, date of the first Council meeting after he leaves office, is sitting in the audience or watching the proceedings on public access cable television.
“I’ll probably be at the pool,” he says.
Still, there is some separation anxiety after all those years as a councilor. “It’ll be interesting to see if I can separate myself after 300 meetings,” he muses.
Retirement from public office will give Toscano more time to focus on his family and his law practice. But does that mean the end of his political involvement? Somehow we don’t think so.
For the record, before leaving City Council, Toscano once and for all quashes the rumors that he’s developer Lee Danielson’s partner or nephew ready to make a killing in Charlottesville’s redevelopment.

Age: 52 on June 28

What brought you to Charlottesville? I came here to visit my parents-in-law in 1981. On a Friday, I walked into the sociology department at UVA. On Monday, I got a job and never left.

What’s the best aspect of living here? A small town with a cosmopolitan attitude. It’s small enough that people can make a difference, and it has the cultural advantages of a larger city.

What’s the worst? Traffic

Favorite hangout? The Downtown Mall

What’s the most overrated virtue? Discipline

If you could change one thing about yourself, what would it be? Not being so disciplined.

Of what achievement are you proudest? Being married for 25 years.

What do people find most annoying about you? I’m too judgmental or preachy.

Political hero? George McGovern

What's your favorite read? Martin Luther King’s Letter from Birmingham Jail

What are you reading now? Truman [David McCullough], The Sum of All Fears [Tom Clancy], and I just finished Founding Brothers by Joseph Ellis on Washington, Jefferson, and Adams.

What causes you to rant? Hidden agendas

What’s the best thing about life in the 21st century? Options. There are more things that you never thought you could do 50 years ago, and more places to travel and explore.

Where would you like to travel and explore? Southern France and northern Italy

What’s your next trip? Hershey, Pennsylvania

If you could come back as a car, what would it be? A Rolls Royce

What do you drive now? Honda Accord

What’s the most trouble you’ve ever gotten in? Being arrested in front of the White House protesting the Vietnam War.

What’s your favorite comfort food? Ice cream. No, cheesecake.

What’s your must-see TV? West Wing

For what are you most grateful? Being in good health and having a family in good health.

Limn a perfect day: The sun is shining. It’s 70 degrees and I’m out on a golf course.

Who would play you in the movie based on your life? Jack Nicholson

Last movie you saw? Gosford Park

What creeps you out? Being in enclosed spaces, like being in a tight cave.

Most embarrassing moment? Introducing Mark Warner when he was running for senator as the next governor of Virginia.

Favorite bumper sticker? Jefferson is a Democrat.

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