Bottom line

I was very pleased to see an article about cloth diapers ( in a recent issue of The Hook, and I'm happy that Charlottesville now has a diaper service. Diapering with cloth is the environmentally responsible choice. Much of the research which "proves" that disposables aren't so bad for the Earth is sponsored by the corporations that sell disposables.
Disposable diapers make up more than one percent of landfill trash, which is a lot when you consider that it's one item used by a limited segment of the population. I've often wondered why Charlottesville dog owners aren't supposed to dispose of their dog's waste in the trash, but parents can throw away disposable diapers with no worries.
I used cloth for all four of my children, and I can honestly say that they aren't much more work at all– just one extra load of laundry per week. Drive by my house regularly, and you are sure to see my clothesline loaded with freshly washed diapers, bleaching in the sun.
Aileen Bartels