Disappearing dirties

Thanks for the article on the diaper dilemma parents face [in the June 6 edition] (http://www.readthehook.com/99145/diaper-dilemma).
We knew that we weren't interested in going with disposables but also knew we weren't very interested in dealing with dirty diapers ourselves. We also knew that folks on both sides of the cloth v. disposables debate try to out-evidence each other, to the point, perhaps, of having parents choose convenience over financial or environmental issues. 
For us, the Stork diaper service is much more convenient than having to buy and dispose of disposables. Dirties disappear on Tuesday mornings, and fresh, clean, soft diapers reappear for the week's supply. 
Am I biased? Clearly. Am I satisfied on the Stork's service? Totally. Would I promote the Stork to new parents? I have already, and I'm doing so now. 
We're converts.

Andrew S. Chancey