Kandi Kessler Comer

Kandi Kessler Comer, 39
Director of golf, Glenmore

A typical day for golf pro Kandi Comer could include teaching lessons, meeting with the golf course supervisor, running tournaments, or anything else having to do with golf– except playing the game. “I don’t play a whole lot now,” admits Comer, a situation she attributes to a bad back.
After attending college on a full scholarship, Comer played on the PGA tour for a couple of years. She describes professional golf as “definitely a male-dominated sport”– but she doesn’t see that as a disadvantage. “Everyone is given the same opportunities,” she says. “It comes down to hard work.” 
Women in the PGA play a different set of tees that are about a 10 percent shorter distance than the men’s. “I think that’s a very equitable way to do it,” says Comer, who was also comfortable playing the men’s tees.
As far as encountering discrimination or harassment, Comer says that hasn’t happened at all. “Guys respect me pretty well.”
Of course, most amateur golfers would kill to have a PGA rating, which Comer has to keep up through continuing education. And that’s not just perfecting her swing. “I can maintain a golf cart,” she cracks.
The hardest part about being a golf pro is the long hours during the season. “It’s a sun up to sun down kind of job,” she says.
On a recent vacation to Alaska, there’s one thing Comer did not do. “I generally don’t think about golf when I’m on vacation,” she says.

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