Snap: Restaurant week rolls on

Restaurant Week diners appear to be enjoying themselves at the Boar's Head Inn Thursday night.


I will be interested to see the numbers for this restaurant week. It seems quite down compared to previous years. Fossets was only 75% full on Friday (according to friends) and Sunday night. Fossets is normally packed for restaurant week.
It seems like awareness was down quite a bit as well. I never heard anything about it, just happened to know it normally happens in July and check the website.

Logan, that is interesting. I tried getting a reservation at Fossett's a couple days before Restaurant Week started but they were booked solid for that weekend. Perhaps there were cancellations that Friday night? Fossett's have a much smaller dining area than most restaurants, so a few cancellations may have been enough to be notable. I probably should have asked if there was a waiting list.

At any rate, we enjoyed ourselves at Horse and Hound instead.