The week in review

Best conclusions from paid consultants studying the impact of a highly unpopular garage: UVA’s proposed 1,180-car garage will not cause unacceptable traffic problems, according the study the university commissioned, reports the Daily Progress.

Worst casualties at Sears: While attempting to arrest a man suspected of shoplifting an angle grinder, whatever the heck that is, Albemarle County police officer Kanie Richardson suffers “a bruise on his forehead and a mark on his arm and will be out of work all week” according to a Progress story by Reed Williams. Officer Ron Kesner “hurt his wrist and is wearing a cast” after the May 19 incident.

Worst news for Wal-Mart shoppers: The store is evacuated and closed for three hours after a bomb threat on May 24.

Best ruling when you’re facing capital charges: Alleged Coal Tower Killer Craig Nordenson will be summering in a psychiatric hospital to determine if he’s competent to stand trial.

Worst details in a Fatal Attraction-like case: UVA student Scott Douglas, who held his ex-girlfriend captive in his Chi Phi fraternity house, is accused of putting a knife to her throat, choking her, putting a sword to her throat, squeezing her toe with a wrench or pliers, and lighting WD-40 and threatening to use it to cauterize the wound with the flames, reports Adrienne Schwisow in the Progress.

Worst news for downtown parkers: The Market Street Garage will be closed for 10 days starting at midnight June 7.

Best perk from having your party in power: Republican and former Albemarle delegate Paul Harris has a new policy job in the U.S. Department of Justice, according to a Bob Gibson story in the Progress. No word on whether the new position includes an increase in his current $131,500 salary.

Best Albemarle School Board member for keeping things lively at board meetings: Gary Grant has irked his fellow board members again by publishing the list of teachers whose contracts were not renewed.

Best story to take the heat off Grant: Albemarle County refuses to turn over the names and addresses of Western Albemarle High School seniors so that a ministerial association can send them invitations to a baccalaureate worship service, reports Peter Savodnik in the Progress.

Worst kibbitzing by City Council: Council doesn’t approve the joint city/county juvenile courthouse expansion presented by city engineers and approved by the county, and instead calls for a June 3 public hearing, according to a story in the Progress.

Best news for local arsonists: The attorney for one of the Stony Point volunteer firemen who were setting fires for fun last year says the evidence is “tainted” after former County fire official Mark K. Spicer allegedly tampered with the evidence, according to a Adrienne Schwisow report. And in an unrelated case, six counts of arson are dropped against Ivy resident Allen Bowman Graves, a suspect in eight fires.

Best clue that you’re not the first choice: Kriner Cash turns down the job of Charlottesville school superintendent, and second choice Jim Pughsley seems to be holding out for the supe’s job in Charlotte, not Charlottesville. That leaves Albemarle County assistant superintendent Jean Murray as a leading contender for the top Charlottesville school job.

Best additional reason to be thankful we live in Charlottesville: The City will be represented in the 2002 Mrs. Virginia International Pageant by aerobics instructor Regina Ierardi, reports Bryan McKenzie in the Progress.