The week in review

Best news for City Councilor Meredith Richards: She’s the Democrat nominated to run against Republican Virgil Goode in the Fifth District congressional race.

Best news for Virgil Goode: He still owns the Fifth District.
Worst post-event tradition: Residents and police do their annual whining about too much drinking and traffic, and the large crowds at Foxfield.

Best news for Rivanna Water and Sewer Authority customers: Recent rain makes it unlikely the City and County will declare mandatory water conservation measures.

Worst news for well users: Recent rains haven’t raised groundwater levels like they have reservoir levels.

Best news for Wood Grill/Barracks Road robbery suspect: Vance Brown is free on $50,000 bond and hasn’t been charged in the Ben & Jerry’s, Barnes & Noble, and Lindt Chocolate robberies, reports Adrienne Schwisow in the May 14 Daily Progress. No word yet on whether Brown’s Danskos were among the clothing items described by victims.

Worst news to hear about a neighbor: Allen Bowman Graves of Tilman Road in Ivy faces charges for being an arsonist and a child pornographer, according to the Progress.

Worst mysterious firing of a county official:  Assistant fire and rescue chief Mark Spicer is summarily fired and is being investigated by the police, and the County won’t say why, according to Peter Savodnik and Adrienne Schwisow reports in the Progress.

Worst legislation that accomplishes nothing while violating the separation of church and state:  Gov. Mark Warner signs into law a bill requiring the posting of “In God We Trust” in schools and allowing it in government offices.

Best resolution passed by the House of Representatives involving the client of a local civil liberties watchdog: The Department of Defense may not require women to go native while in Saudi Arabia as it did with Martha McSally, the combat pilot forced to wear a chador-like abaya. McSally is represented by the Rutherford Institute, reports WINA.

Worst bullying of kids on a moped: The Progress reports that two teens, age 14 and 15, are yanked off a moped they’re riding by a gang of up to 10 who pile out of a blue car. One absconds with the moped. 

Best news for McIntire Road Recycling Center users: Thanks to a $1.2 million bailout by Charlottesville and Albemarle County, recyclers can continue to drop off money-losing glass, plastic, textiles and phone books.

Worst news for trash haulers: The Rivanna Solid Waste Authority proposes increasing tipping fees at the Ivy Landfill by $5 a ton.

Worst crisis to strike Washington art galleries that we can only pray doesn’t hit here: The District’s Alcoholic Beverage Regulation Administration warns art galleries that serving wine at receptions is illegal, reports the Washington Post.

Best sign you really, really are a superstar: Saturday Night Live parodies Dave Matthews in a Jeopardy send-up.

Best news for National Guard members stationed at the Charlottesville-Albemarle Airport: Their tour of duty is over, and they’re going home.

Worst news for National Guard members stationed at the Charlottesville-Albemarle Airport: The Albemarle sheriff’s deputies taking their places will be paid a whopping $23 an hour, reports Reed Williams in the Progress.

Best reason to go to Sears: The floundering and dowdy retailer purchases yupster fave Lands’ End, whose catalogue clothes will be available at Sears this fall.