Hie thee to Batesville!

Country festivals tend to bring out the best in a community. More than a showcase for local talent or prize-winning peonies, country festivals bring together townsfolk and tourists in an environment of relaxed fun. Parking imbroglios get taken care of in advance, leaving the day free for ambling and moseying around a quaint and welcoming small village.
Batesville Day is celebrating its 26th year. The event is probably best known for the Batesville 10k run, which is the oldest race in the area over the same course and offers some beautiful scenery and some very challenging hills. Race records have not been beaten since 1980 (men) and 1986 (women). Sounds like it’s time to set some new records!
The parade brings out all sorts of interesting flora and fauna. This year’s theme highlights the performing arts and promises to delight and surprise. The criteria for being in the parade, according to the flyers, are wide open.
Are you are tired of the same old parades and need an outlet to express your inner self? Do you have hidden talents that need to be unearthed or perhaps animals or family members who can do cool tricks? Any way you look at it, the potential for fun abounds. You’re welcome to participate even if you can only chant, soliloquize, boogie, toot, gyrate, bark, quack, stomp, or plié. Join the parade, and strut your stuff!
The Crozet Lion’s Club Broom Brigade, a book club (all dressed as famous characters from books and plays), a potato gun-carrying Spud Squad, Santa Claus, and Charlie’s old-fashioned ice cream wagon are already in place and ready to march. The real treat, though, is having an alternative to Charlottesville and UVA graduation chaos. Batesville, without antique stores– or for that matter, any stores– remains a quaint village untainted by time or traffic. After the quarter of a mile parade, food, face painting, musical entertainment, and activities can be enjoyed in the Batesville Day Field on Plank Road just one eighth of a mile east of Page’s Store.

Batesville Day is Saturday, May 18, on Plank Road (Route 692). The race begins at 8am with registration starting at 7am in Page’s Field. Entry fees are $12 before May 17 and $15 the day of the race. The first 100 racers will receive a free t-shirt. For more information about the race, contact Hamp Carruth at 823-5927. The Parade of the Performing Arts begins at 10.30am, and festivities in the field continue until 2pm. For information about the parade, contact April Freeman at 823-7978. All proceeds from this event are returned to the community, schools, fire departments, rescue squads, local organizations, and the needy.

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