The week in review

Best overdue apology: At the dedication of the historical marker noting the Supreme Court decision allowing the sterilization of 8,000 Virginians deemed “genetically inferior,” Del. Mitch Van Yahres reads Gov. Mark Warner’s formal apology for the “shameful effort.”
Best lawsuit in the battle against mindless zero-tolerance policies: The Rutherford Institute plans to appeal the dismissal of its suit against a New Jersey school that suspended four kindergartners who were playing cops and robbers and pointing their pretend-gun fingers at each other.
Worst news for those who need a rabies, chlamydia, or drinking water test: State budget cuts are shutting down the Shenandoah Regional Microbiological Lab; last day is June 24.
Best support of legal representation for those who need it most: Legal Aid raises over $1 million in its $1.85 million campaign to buy a new building. Contributors include John Grisham and the Dave Matthews Band. [See pix on p.42]
Worst overzealous safety legislation that will be a major pain for parents and result in minimal lives saved: Gov. Warner signs legislation requiring all children under six to be strapped in a child safety or booster seat.
Best position on’s list of college towns: Charlottesville is #1 in its small city division.
Worst news for containing growth: Charlottesville lands on another damn “best” list.
Best listing to spark year-round business for Wintergreen and Snowshoe Mountain: Ski Magazine places the two among its 30 top summer resorts.
Worst bike to steal at Foxfield: After riding it around Foxfield for 20 minutes, Daniel Richard Graves is arrested for stealing an Albemarle County police bike, according to a Daily Progress report.
Best case for wondering how hard the state really tried: The Commonwealth of Virginia’s unclaimed property list in the May 5 Progress includes among its two full pages of names the Boar’s Head Inn Sports Club, former Seagram head Edgar Bronfman, Rita Mae Brown, and the Southern Environmental Law Center.
Worst forum for a city council candidate: At a meeting of irate Lewis Mountain residents opposed to UVA’s new 1,200-car parking garage, one angry audience member asks Mayor Blake Caravati, “Who are you representing, the university or the town?” reports Eric Swensen in the Progress.
Worst marks for management of a federal program: The feds could yank Head Start management from Monticello Area Community Action Agency because of fiscal and management problems, reports the Progress.
Best news for Sons of Confederate Veterans: Virginia drops its opposition to the group’s Confederate flag logo on state-issued specialty license plates.
Worst case of a missing pit bull: James Carson “Beetle” Johnson and Terrell Sims are arrested for staging a fight March 21 in Crozet between their pit bulls, Destiny and Prince. While Destiny is in custody of the SPCA, Sims refuses to reveal Prince’s location, according to Reed Williams’ story in the Progress.
Best show of optimism by a weekly newspaper: The Observer expands to four sections covering local news, arts, sports, and business.
Worst caving in to prudish, don’t-let-the-children-see-this factions by a wannabe hip alternative paper: After a few flimsy complaints, The Hook drops Dan Savage’s edgy sex column, Savage Love.