Snap Dan's pencil!

The Hook will not get a second look from me. Your advice columnist in the April 11 issue [Savage Love, “Virginal lies”] first extols the virtue of casual sex to a young male virgin. He should know that women by far prefer a man who has no venereal disease and no possibility of illegitimate children to a man with “experience.”
Having missed that boat, your columnist went ahead and jumped off the pier with the next letter.
The young lady had dated a series of men who just wanted to have sex with her. Once they had done so, they were ready to pursue someone else. She should have been reminded to visit her gynecologist to make sure none of those creeps had infected her while gathering trophies. Instead, the columnist told her that she is a bad lover.
A lot he knows! Young women tend to err in thinking that they are responsible for other people’s pleasure, particularly in sex. I’d wager her partners all had orgasms. I’d also wager she did not. Do you think any of those boys waxes introspective about his failure as a lover? That hot blonde would have settled for such selfish slothfulness!
Your columnist should have his pencil taken away and snapped in half. Shame on your publication for printing that tripe.

Sharon Livengood

We heard loud and clear from you and countless others unthrilled with Savage Love, so we dumped the column.–ed.