Summer tunes: Dave Matthews Band Caravan rocks

After telling their fans they were sitting tight this summer, the Dave Matthews Band had a change of heart and decided to headline four concert festivals featuring a smorgasbord of talent. Charlottesville's own Milo Farineau was on hand for the first, which took place June 24-26 at Bader Field in Atlantic City, New Jersey. The Dave Matthews Band Caravan next moved to Lakeside, Chicago July 8 and 9, and will be regroup on Governor's Island in New York City August  26-28 before closing out the summer at The Gorge in Washington state September 2-4.

Correction: A caption incorrectly identified the flag waving man during Damian Marley's performance as the artist. –ed.

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You know the end is near when you have to enter a payment plan to attend a concert.

FYI...Photo #2 is not Damian Marley. Great shots though.

@Osbourne Ruddock: Yikes-- you're right. I misunderstood the photographer's notes. I'm fixing it now, and we'll run a correction. --Courteney Stuart

Yea!! JWG is back in the saddle!! Long time, no see!

That's cause they banned me and then reinstated me a few weeks later so as to make it look like they never banned me.

JWG- the end is not near, it is have to enter a payment plan to get to work everyday.