Don't depict Winn and Scatena homes

[To Free Union resident Richard Davis about his letter in the April 11 edition of The Hook]:
Why would you write a letter to the editor regarding a book that you had not taken the time to read? You make no reference to the contents of the book, but "gather" what the book is about.
You clearly have your facts wrong when blaming Craig Winn for the Holiday layoffs. Winn was forced out of the company the previous month because the board wanted to take the company in another direction. The same board was responsible for the massive layoffs while retaining a staff of high priced consultants.
And who cares what he or Rex Scatena did with their money? They started the company, they put their hearts into the company, and they were kicked out while the stock price was high enough to sell and get their money out. What would you have done, Mr. Davis?
Why shouldn't they be free to tell the story?
You want The Hook to print pictures of Winn and Scatena's homes. If these homes are such visual abominations, why haven't these visions tainted all of our delicate sensibilities?
And to The Hook, I believe it is in your interest to set a higher editorial standard. Printing opinions of individuals without checking basic facts diminishes the value of all the opinions expressed in your weekly.

Phil Intihar
Albemarle County

Davis responds:
I wrote because I know too many people and families who were hurt in the downfall of Value America. Some were investors and some were employees. Some people lost everything they had even to the point of not having a roof over their head. When I see the roofs that have been built to give Wynn and Scatena shelter, my guts sort of crawl in the irony of life. I make no architectural judgment.