The week in review

Longest arson sentence: The two teens who torched Ruckersville Baptist Church last summer are sentenced July 11. Sean Douglas Heiderscheidt, 19, will serve seven years, and Stephen Fox, 18, received a six-year active sentence, according to the Daily Progress.

Longest second-degree murder sentence: Demonte Burgess, gets 29 years for fatally shooting Miguel Lugo Salazar January 22, 2010, at the Mountain View Trailer Court, and for six other charges, including maliciously wounding Rafael Valina Ayala and attempted robbery.

Latest online perv indictment: Gordonsvillian James Anthony Dollins, 42, is accused of soliciting minors for sex using a Facebook profile of a 19-year-old female UVA student to approach teenage boys. The mother of a 13-year-old boy contacted authorities after Dollins allegedly requested nude photos of the boy.

Latest indecent liberties with a minor sentence: Former Greene school custodian/bus driver David Snow, 56, pleads guilty after putting his hand on a 16-year-old boy's clothed crotch, according to the Progress. He received a three-year-suspended sentence July 12 and must register as a sex offender.

Best news for those packing heat on UVA Grounds: AG Ken Cuccinelli rules that the university's firearms policy doesn't forbid those with concealed carry permits from bringing firearms into buildings. Open carry, however, is a different matter.

Best advice for jail visitors: Don't go if you're wanted by police. Frequent flyer Indio Martinez, 22, went to see a friend at the Charlottesville-Albemarle Regional Jail July 10, perhaps unaware that officials routinely check for warrants on those who come to visit. Martinez was released from state prison five months ago for his role in a 2007 shooting of a teenager, for which he was declared incompetent, and had been indicted June 6 on two counts of distributing cocaine. In 2006, Martinez was charged for beating two teens who refused to join the Bloods, and in 2005 with B&E, and found incompetent in both cases.

Best water conservationists: Crozetians use on average 68.3 gallons of water a day, compared to Charlottesvillians 107.1 gallons per capita per day, Charlottesvile Tomorrow reports. Reduced usage and population mean that Crozet's water supply, Beaver Creek Reservoir, will last 25 years longer than previously predicted, according to a new forecast commissioned by the Rivanna Water & Sewer Authority.

Best renderings: Charlottesville Tomorrow creates 3-D visualizations of the proposed Western Bypass, using old VDOT maps and Google Earth.

Worst report cards: The Albemarle Circuit Court Clerk's Office improperly held $201,000 in fines and $255K that possibly should go to the state, a 2010 audit found. “The clerk does not perform the required financial duties associated with her office,” concluded the auditor about Clerk Debbie Shipp. The auditor pulled 48 transactions, and found errors in 52 percent of them, the same percentage of errors found over in Charlottesville Circuit Court Clerk's office, headed by Paul Garrett. Tasha Kates has the story in the Progress.

Less government: Fluvanna County redistricts itself from six to five Board of Supervisors seats, pending an okay from state and federal officials.

Priciest new listing:  The late John Kluge's Palm Beach oceanfront estate, which he left to Columbia University, goes on the market for $59 million, according to the Palm Beach Daily News. The property sits on four-plus acres and holds five buildings, including two vintage houses.

Sharpest contrast in real estate deals: The Charlottesville restaurant formerly known as Fuel owned by Kluge's ex, Patricia, will be sold at foreclosure July 14.

Best John Grisham dish: The prolific author tells Parade magazine that his wife Renee once hurled the 500-page manuscript of The Rainmaker at him, that he writes in a chair equipped with a built-in massager, and that a favorite book is one of those 10,000-moniker baby-naming volumes, which he finds essential for coming up with the names of fictional characters.