No value in greed

In The Hook No. 1 [February 7, 2002], there was an article about an upcoming book-signing by Craig Winn and others. The book was about the birth, life, and death of Value America and the role Mr. Winn and others played as creators of that entity.
    Perhaps at 70 years of age I come from an era that had different values. If I were Mr. Winn et al I would have packed my bags and gotten as far away from Charlottesville as possible– with a couple of bodyguards to ensure my personal safety after Value America died its ignominious death. At the same time many a gullible investor lost a lot of money, which went right into the pockets of Mr. Winn et al.
    I personally know a number of the Value America employees who right at Christmas time were served notices that their jobs were no more. Holiday Greetings!
    To write a book about the bankruptcy of Value America and their roles in it is the height of conceit on the part of Mr Winn et al. If I were they and had a heart, I would be doing all I could to minimize the tale and in some way make reparations. Instead I gather the book is written as if the executives of Value America are proud of what they did. To write such a book really takes gall.
    It is particularly out of taste to me for Mr. Winn to build such a huge ostentatious home for himself unlike any other such edifice to man’s selfishness in Albemarle County. All with someone else’s hard earned money.
    Almost as if to outdo Mr. Winn, Mr. Scatena is now building his country palace outside Free Union. Thank God I will only see it in the winter as the leaves will keep it from my vision during the rest of the year. I do wish you would publish a picture of the place. I cannot guess the square footage, but I am sure it sets a record.
    I am impressed by The Hook. Best wishes in this endeavor.

Richard Davis

Free Union