The week in review

Best present a girl turning 13 could ever get: Dave Matthews plays at the bat mitzvah of Jessica Colburn, daughter of AOL Time Warner exec David Colburn who hired ‘N Sync two years ago to perform at the bat mitzvah of Jessica’s older sister. Matthews’ fee was undisclosed, but all proceeds went to charity, reports the Washington Post’s Reliable Source, Lloyd Grove.
Best amicus brief filed by a local institute: The Rutherford Institute objects, in a case now before the Supreme Court, to an Oklahoma school system’s practice of randomly drug testing choir members and others who take part in extracurricular activities.
Worst vernal equinox: Chilly scenes of spring— the new season comes in on an arctic blast.
Best personnel news coming out of the Charlottesville Police Department: DNA dude Chip Harding is promoted to captain, as is Bryant Bibb.
Worst message to Albemarle teachers: While the school board approves a 3.3 percent raise for county teachers, board members pass a motion to raise classified staff salaries 5.8 percent.
Best UVA moment: A young woman serenades the Icarus statue in front of Clemons Library March 20 with “you make me feel like a na-tu-ral womannnnnn….”
Worst “local boy makes good” story: The thief who robbed Barnes & Noble, Lindt Chocolate Shop, and Ben & Jerry’s at Barracks Road goes statewide with four more robberies, but goes downscale by hitting a couple of Cracker Barrels, according to a Reed Williams Daily Progress report.
Best accolades for the local press: The Virginia Press Association presents the Daily Progress with 12 awards— five of them first-place. The Observer picks up a whopping 16 awards in the category of weekly newspapers with a circulation over 17,000, but publisher Jeffrey Peyton says the most sought after recognition is the refrigerator door prize— stories clipped and put on the refrigerator— bestowed by readers.
Worst— and best— news for drought watchers: Recent rain postpones water restrictions, but may lull residents into thinking the water shortfall is over.
Best program to encourage community transportation: The city launches the Yellow Bike Program with 50 bikes available free for use around town; now the wagering is on how long it’ll take ‘em all to disappear. 
Worst news for the preschool at Jefferson School: Charlottesville School Board votes to transfer students to other city schools.
Best place to find pigs feet: A support committee created in the wake of recent attacks on UVA students offers this Southern delicacy at last Saturday’s bake sale to raise money for the victims (30 percent) and assaulters (70 percent).
Worst prospects for a successful law career: First-year law student Marta Sanchez files a $35,000 suit against UVA professor Kenneth Abraham for touching her in class, claiming Abraham “knowingly intended to cause her harm,” reports the Daily Progress.
Best news for commercial tenants: The Daily Progress reports that vacancy rates in Charlottesville rose in 2001, meaning better deals for tenants.
Best chance for Clear Channel to explain why it should dominate local radio: The Federal Communications Commission agrees to hold a hearing on Clear Channel’s purchase of WUMX-FM Mix 107.5.